Glad you made it.

Welcome to my own little corner of the web.

As I update this homepage, it is March 26th in East Texas during the “Coronatine” of 2020! Here I hope you will find some laughs and some encouragement as we all stay home, but still stay “connected” through this uncertain time. Read on if you want a little more backstory about why I’m here or head on over to this page for my newest posts!

If you’ve made your way here from Instagram then you’re probably looking for my written creation: the “Unsteady Uproot” series which began on October 1, 2019 when I started my life over after a big move. You can find that series of posts using this folder here.

What started out as a personal distraction during a lost and stressful time morphed (loosely) into a case study detailing what someone might possibly go through to build their life from the ground up. I first wrote to stay sane, but then it struck me that I was actually documenting the steps, thought processes, and emotions that someone goes through as they make massive changes in their lives to reach goals, start their lives over, change careers, move somewhere new, etc.

So much has changed in my life over the last 6 months. If you are curious about reading what it’s like for a random girl in the south to decide to change careers, quit her job, leave friends and family, give up her cushy lease, go back to school, and drive over a 1000 miles to live in a place that she has never physically seen with her own eyeballs then this blog series will tickle your fancy. I’m hoping you’ll laugh a lot and maybe get inspiration for your own life journey.

As someone who’s traveled all over the world and lived in multiple countries as a child I lived a fanciful life, but I never quite knew how people did “big things” like move to a new country. My parents just sorta did it. But I know it’s not that easy. When I became an adult I started to talk to more and more adults who live incredible, unbelievable lives – like the ones you see on Instagram. People keep saying that it was all “hard work.” Yes, hard work is necessary, but I also know it’s more complex than that. Their path to success or progress or whatever you wanna call it was muddled by months and years of highs and lows and little and big decisions along the way. So I started thinking that it might be interesting – maybe even helpful – for me to journal this new life adventure as I go – especially since I am nowhere near my end goal and you will literally be seeing every phase of the journey. So I started writing stories from my most recent life changes hence the “Unsteady Uproot” series.

Other than the new series, you’ll find a lot of different things here. I can tell you what you won’t find here – you won’t find any kind of perfection or any attempts towards perfection. This site is not “Insta perfect” or “IG ready.” It’s raw, it’s real, it’s honest. When you visit I hope you have moments where you think, “Wow, I didn’t know anyone else was struggling with that” or “I didn’t know anyone else had thoughts like that” or “I didn’t know that it was okay to feel like that” or “I didn’t know it was okay to express those thoughts and feelings.” Here I welcome vulnerability. Here I encourage vulnerability. Be vulnerable here with me.

Some days you might feel like a garbage human being, or as if you cannot do anything right, or as if you don’t have any talent, or as if you never should have tried this or that. I want you to be able to feel those feelings and honor them even though the world begs you to hide them. That’s why I write about the beautiful things and the ugly things here. This is to be human. The ups and the downs. This is to be human. Be human with me here.

Consider this blog your permission slip from the principal.

Dear Whatever-Your-Name-is,

I am the principal and this is your permission slip.

Here on this blog you have permission to:

Feel your feelings

Heal from trauma

Revel in wonder

Choose that which brings you life

and Reject that which does not

Tell the truth

Share your highs and lows

Be true to yourself

I’m here each week to tell you that I see you and I hear you. I’m here to encourage you to feel, and to think, and to say, and to live in a way that allows you to live to your full potential as a human being. Remember: You are not here on this earth to pay bills and die. You are here to co-create your life. You are here to actively participate in this co-creation. This is your God-given right as a created being. I hope you laugh with me, cry with me, and feel every other emotion in between right there alongside me. Not sure where to start on the blog? Start with this letter that I wrote to my dear friend Fear. It’s a favorite. Now let’s get busy living.

With love and gratitude,

Follow me on Instagram if you’re into that kinda thing: @unsteadyshegoes

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