The Stuff of Life

Sometimes you look at all of your belongings – you know, your stuff – and you just can’t stand the sight of it all. You see the tables, the desks, the shelves, and the drawers and all that they hold or that rests on them. You want to pull it all out, sort it, get rid of most of it, and keep only that which makes you truly happy. That you truly need. Then you will feel better.

When in reality it’s your life you can’t stand. Your life’s a jumbled up mess like your pathetic desk with all its nonsense.

You look at all that physical stuff in your life and somehow all that junk seems to be the only thing that’s fixable. The one thing that you can put right. For some reason you think that if you go through it all – if you touch ever single piece – and put it all in place that you’ll magically feel better. But for some reason it never happens like that. You’ll try to get things “just so” so that you can finally feel better. But you never will. Life never solves itself like that.

You see, you recognize your life in your stuff. You see things you don’t need. Things you never use. Things you shouldn’t have bought. Things you need. Things you just want. Things that are broken that you can’t stand to get rid of. Things that make you laugh. Things that remind you. Things that are too painful to touch.

And in that moment as you stand there with all of your stuff – it all seems fixable. It’s the only thing that makes sense. You can get rid of the things you don’t need, never use, are broken, or are painful. You can forgive yourself for the things you shouldn’t have bought in the first place. And you can hold in your hands the things you need, the things you want, the things that make you laugh, and the things that remind you.

But its really your life you can’t stand.

And you’re taking it out on your stuff. It’s your punching bag, but you think it’s your bandaid. The fix to your muddled thoughts.

If only you had organized stuff – your life would be easier.

If only you had less stuff – your path would be clearer.

If only you had just what you needed – you would be happier.

But its really your life you can’t stand.

It’s really your life you can’t stand.

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