Happily Homeless.

When you finally realize that it’s time to stop hiding all of your word adventures in stacks of secret notebooks you then realize that the only real barrier between your “Unknown Author” life and the “World-Famous Blogger” life is the dreaded name game. You know the one where you try like crazy to come up with a name that is personal, creative, and hits the point of your blog just perfectly…only to realize that it’s been taken.


Let’s see… there was:

“Laughter Lines” – because everyone knows that the only way to get through the peaks and the valleys of life is to laugh about it. Perfect! ***type type type*** … Taken. ARG.

“Write Where You Are” – because it’s like a play on words. Plus, who doesn’t like it when someone writes about real, messy, amazing life in REAL time. Ingenious! ***type type type*** … Taken. SERIOUSLY?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me I have consistently assumed that if I did everything “right” in college then life would most definitely smile upon me favorably and make my career path straight which would make money easy to come by and I would therefore make a smooth transition from teenager to a high-functioning adult that older adults would admire. Never would the typical millennial accusations be applied to me because I would be educated, driven, and (most importantly) fully employed and living on my own.

If you were to peruse my college shrine you would most definitely be impressed (Ew. Is that my inner millennial coming out?). I began my college career at the age of 17 by dual enrolling in high school and college credits my senior year. It allowed me to fast track my education by getting several general education courses out of the way before officially enrolling in college. Thanks to my college-savvy sister I found that befriending every kind of person on the college campus was the way to ensure survival. After all, college is nothing but a game. Those who know the rules, strategize, and work their butts off win and I intended to win BIG.

There were no:

  • Skipped classes
  • Tests that went unstudied for
  • Late assignments


  • Late-night parties
  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Sex

Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

Each semester was paid for through scholarships and grants piled on top of each other. Textbooks were borrowed from friends or purchased through stipends. A 300 page undergraduate thesis was written my senior year. A 4.0 GPA was non-negotiable. I was named the “Outstanding Student” of the entire school of business and technology.

I could bore you with extensive details but the point is that college is a highly predictable, controlled environment that makes it highly probable that you will win the game (allowing you to stand up during graduation in front of thousands of people while they bask in your awesomeness) while possessing one main quality: GRIT. It’s that stick-with-it-ness. That special breed of hard work.

Don’t tell me you can’t go to college because you aren’t smart enough. Don’t tell me you can’t get scholarships because you aren’t smart enough. I goofed off WAY too much in high school. My lowest ACT score was a 22. My highest ACT score was a 25. And I never even took the SAT. Enough said.

I look at all of my plaques and the half-a-dozen medals and the endless framed certificates and let me tell you: They don’t mean as much as I thought they would. Sure, there is a huge amount of value in the education that I received. But did I need to do it with all that froo-froo-ness? Did that make a significant difference in the years following my 22nd birthday?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m not sure because I didn’t live that version of college (although I kinda wish I had a little more fun in college).

But one thing I do know is that college is only a few footsteps in the ultra marathon of life…

So I’m back at my computer still thinking and typing and still getting that evil message: “This username has been taken”. … Why are all y’all stealing my perfectly unique, totally personal blog titles?!

Que the music! In the YouTube of your brain is playing that song by The Raconteurs: Steady, As She Goes. You see where I’m going now?

“{Un}steady As She Goes” emerged. ***type type type*** … And the title is officially mine!!! And here we are. And yes, we will ignore the fact that the web address looks more like “{Un}steady Ass He Goes”. Oh, you had never noticed that before? Oops…

I had it goin’ on in college. I thought that pattern would continue with every year following graduation. But with every day that passes I am realizing that – try as I might to fight reality – I am still just an unsteady young female trying to do her best in life. I crawl, I run, I walk, I jump, I fall, I crawl again. I believe one of the most exciting parts about blogging with you is that it gives me the ability connect with more unsteady humans.

So how did I go from living in a half-a-million dollar home one minute to homeless (and happy about it) the next? Let’s just say it’s a time of minimalism and reflection and career revaluation. Stay tuned, friends, because where this chick goes nobody knows (not even the chick).






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