The Boot.

Some people in my life are a kick in my pants.

No nonsense…

Highly optimistic…




They are the mushy squishy love when I need it.

They are the rough tough love when I need that, too.

Take me seriously when I say that everyone needs friends like these. When I pick myself up and dust the footprint off my behind I always realize how grateful I am for the “experience”. It’s painful and beautiful all at the same time. No pain no gain, people!

When I was a tot, my role in my relationship with my older sister was to use my creative brain cells to come up with new kinds of tomfoolery for us to get into and then she was the muscle. She struggled to come up with the ideas, but if I grabbed her one she sure would run with it. My-oh-my how this weakness has followed me into adulthood… I have grand ideas but how the dumpling am I supposed to carryout steps A-Z???

One night before heading out of state one of my favorite boot-wearing friends treated me to an evening out to take a load off. But she didn’t treat me to just any restaurant. You see, this friend happens to be a chef who happens to know all sorts of chefs in the city who happen to own all the best restaurants. Nights like these are absolute heaven to me.

We both got off work and did the usual army crawl through rush hour traffic all the way to Napolese – an upscale pizzaria nestled in the bustling north side of Indianapolis. The food is beautiful, incredible, and creative with its textures and flavor combinations, but the food isn’t the only reason why I love giving them my patronage. Former sex crimes prosecutor turned restaurant owner and entrepreneur, Martha Hoover, is a local hero in this area of the country (if you’ve never heard of her or her career then you must look her up – she might inspire you, too!). As someone who worked in the legal field for over a year and a half I have seen all sorts of examples of the kinds of successes, struggles, and stresses that come with being an attorney; regardless, Martha reevaluated her career, identified what mattered most to her, and then chased after it. Since then, she has created FIVE restaurant brands (a total of 11+ restaurants in the city) AND founded the Patachou Foundation to help at-risk children in Indianapolis. Local farms and businesses support her restaurants and in turn she uses those resources to feed and educate those with food insecurity in the local communities.

Now THAT is a human being taking life by the horns. That is a human being taking their talents and strengths and putting them to work. No one can say that Martha Hoover has wasted an opportunity to help others. And did I mention that she is also married (to an attorney) and has three kids? And that she (and her husband, of course) raised those three humans to have the tools and the support and the grit to make the most of their lives as well. Rock. On.

Have you ever had something terrible happen in your life but then you realize that in the end you are grateful for the boot because in actuality you were being somewhat lazy and slightly complacent and kinda a wasteful human being? I hate that…

Stay tuned because — do you hear that? It is “The Winds of Change”. HAHAHA.


Make the most of your days!




P.S. I have several friends that know Martha Hoover personally and professionally so I hope to learn from her in person some day soon!

4 thoughts on “The Boot.

  1. I think I’m the same way with ideas; they’re fun to create, but hard to stick with… I guess it just shows it takes all different types of people to make the world go round. My only regret reading this blog post?–not living in Indianapolis so I could visit this pizzeria!

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    1. Well, if you’re ever in the city I would happily give you all sorts of recommendations! Napolese is one of those places where you have to pace yourself because the food just blows your mind and tastebuds. Like for instance – instead of simply serving “breadsticks” and “cheesesticks” they serve half a dozen different focaccia breads topped and smothered in cheese and THEN you get to choose these crazy hummus dips and fruit to go with it. YUM. I was also impressed with her restaurant Public Greens. It’s set up kinda like a cafeteria so you get to pick from rows of uh-mazing shredded salads (a favorite is one with shredded brussels sprouts and asparagus) and various kinds of proteins and then they drizzle on dressing right before they bring it to you. They are also popular for their PLATE sized cookies. The place is dripping with hippie vibe (which I love) and is located smack dab on the Monon Trail (which I also love).

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      1. Hahah! Well if I wasn’t hungry earlier, I’m famished now. That sounds delicious 🙂 Hippie vibes and planet-sized cookies. Yes, if I’m ever in the area, I will definitely shoot you an email for food recommendations 😀 I imagine the only downside is that I would surely need larger size jean when I finished eating.


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