Too Wimpy for Work…?

Flash back to Friday, April 14th. I’m at work, staring at my phone in the hallway outside my suite. I’m in shock because I just accepted the most random job ever.

As my big-city life fell apart, somehow my small-town life came together. After work or moving or getting rid of things I was filling out applications like a fiend. I needed/wanted something to:

  • Pay the bills
  • Keep me busy
  • Teach me something
  • Compliment future goals

Then it’d be like getting paid to go to school… or something like that.

Thirteen applications, several phones calls, and some pre-interview exams later and I was hired sight unseen (eek!) as the final team member for a large greenhouse. Start date? April 17th. Full-time hours? Check. SO that meant no un-employed days! Woot!

Let’s get a few things straight before I go on:

Yes, I grew up putting plants in the ground. Yes, I grew up with gardens of all kinds. But am I qualified for this kind of planting/gardening/green thumb position? Nope. Not even a little bit.

Yes, I am thin. But I’m serious when I say that I’ve got flabs not abs! Am I qualified for a high-heat, high-sun, highly active job? Nope. Not even a little bit! I’m more like the pale, pasty type that wears out easily. And, let’s be real, my daily work life involved a cubicle, with large dual monitors, and a headset. On most days the closest thing I got to exercising was a trip to the bathroom and the closest thing I got to feeling the sun was the ginormous fluorescent lightbulbs overhead taking years off my eyeballs. Oh, and a spinning chair.

I’m definitely more like the wimpy type.

BUT my new work life involves:

  • A vast greenhouse
  • Constant sun exposure
  • 100+ degree temperatures
  • Highly physical work
  • 9+ hour days

Do you see any potential problems here? Nawwww.

The idea of “going to the gym” has been a struggle (for many reasons, but… have you seen these chicken arms?) over the years. The money and time that must go into a gym membership is simply unsustainable for my lifestyle. And for what? I do enjoy yoga classes and the like for the camaraderie BUT when I think “gym” I think — “Too much money, too much time, and too much funk from the bodies of others.” Ew.

This week I am finishing up week two in the new position and there have been many cuts, bruises, sore muscles, sunburns, and buckets of sweat but may I say, “Thank you, God, for this opportunity!” The work is hard and hot and dirty, but it’s also positive and sunny and it smells uh-mazing! Like, you haven’t lived until you have rubbed your nose in a bush of pineapple sage or buried your fingers in a damp, fluffy mountain of Irish moss. Oh. My. Dear.

As a greenhouse extraordinaire no one needs a gym membership to be fit and I love that. Instead of this job being the equivalent of a “paid” education it’s more like being “paid” to exercise. HA.

Stay tuned because the “Work Workout” is coming to a greenhouse near you. If you come visit me at work, I’ll be the hott sweaty chick doing lunges while watering the petunias so that I can get paid to have quads visible from space. Boo-yah!







3 thoughts on “Too Wimpy for Work…?

  1. I’m more motivated now than ever to abandon the corporate cage. I’m glad you took the plunge even when you weren’t 100% sure what you were getting yourself into. Looks like it’s paying off!!


    1. Honestly…I have no idea what I am doing with my life…but I’m going somewhere! And quitting a salary job for an hourly one isn’t always an option for people, but I pared (way) down my life and living expenses and for now it’s working for me. I’m having a blast and learning a ton!

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