The Golden Ticket.

When I was child, Willy Wonka was one of the best movies in existence. I mean, what child (or even adult) doesn’t want to watch a movie where sugar highs are embraced and even encouraged! It’s a dream come true. My dad – the candy king – would buy a boat load of all different types of Wonka candy and then we would watch the movie and stuff ourselves silly. Ah, the memories.

But amongst all that sugar happiness I also remember how sad I felt during the scenes that showed Charlie’s poverty. Even though I knew the movie well my stomach would still be all up in knots during those scenes of him and his family all snuggled down in the same little bed just wishing and hoping that Charlie would get his one big break.

Through all those grey days and poverty and lack of food Charlie had his heart set on that one. golden. ticket.





Do you remember when I announced in MIA that I would be switching jobs? And that it was the most perfect job ever for a vegan? And that because of this job I would have haters for the first time in my life?

***Drumroll please!***

Well, guys, I am a SEEING EYE HUMAN FOR BLIND HORSES at a horse sanctuary! I know, right?!

We have 21 blind (or mostly blind) horses.

We have horses that were previously starved, neglected, or otherwise abused.

We have horses that were bred to be champions, but born imperfect and put on death row.

We have ex… race horses, champion barrel racers, and show horses.

We have horses that served on the police force.

We have horses that ran free in the wild until they were captured for extermination.

We have horses that were bred almost to death.

We have horses with cancer.

We have horses so old that they’ve lost all their teeth and can only eat mush.

And we love every single one. Even when they’re acting like little butts. ***Cough*** Milo the pony ***Cough***

In total that’s 44 horses and ponies and 2 mini donkeys and an unknown amount of rescued dogs …and they have all received the shiniest, goldenest ticket around.

I found this job thanks to a friend of mine and was soon introduced to the owner – a local millionaire who devoted the last 30+ years of his life to finding “at risk” horses and giving them a place where they are simply a horse doing horsey things. There they live their lives in luxury and die with dignity and in peace.

Years ago the ranch was home to a large cattle operation, but the owner admitted as he recounted the history to me that he just “didn’t feel right about sending them off to the slaughterhouse”. Thus he found a new passion: Horses. And most importantly, saving horses that would be killed simply because they were no longer useful for humans. To their previous owners they were a drain on resources and time, but to this man they were living, breathing, precious lives that deserved to be cherished no matter what challenges life handed them.

I hope to introduce you to the horses I work with one by one so that you can get to know them as I get to know them and of course there will be all sorts of stories as I goof-up or get covered with mud or lose horses (not that any of that has ever happened…) so STAY TUNED!


Peace, love, and hooves,



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