Mindful > Mind Full

You know that beautiful moment? That one between awake and asleep when you are perfectly poised for meditation – yet still snuggled down in all that bedding plush – and you think “God, you are still. Make me still.”

…and something inside you just bursts forth contentment and love and joy even in the weirdest, unsteadiest, hardest of times. That moment must be the closest I’ll ever be to the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I won’t lie. I’m one of the quirkiest human beings out there. Like how I get food obsessions and must eat the same food every single day for several weeks…until I am so sick of it that I can’t eat it again for like…a year. Or that gross habit I have of smelling things. Don’t judge! Some rocks smell UH-mazing. Especially when you put water on them. But the weirdest/quirkiest/most annoying quirk about me that people seem not to understand is my obsession with having a BED.

Others in my life are said to be more “flexible” than am I because I like a consistent rectangle to sleep on. But when I’m anxious and my mind is full it calms me just knowing that I have that one space to just be for a while. It’s like having my own special little island. My safe haven when all else is out in the storm.

It reminds me of the comic strip Rose is Rose. The heroine Rose has a special tree by her house that is her “Let it Be” tree where she can go to let things lie. John Maxwell wrote in the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth that a positive step towards growth is taking time in a special thinking spot to mindfully reflect on your decisions and intentions. Meditators know the vital importance of stilling the mind. They know it gives a competitive edge in life. #zenwin

Meditation is like a super power. It’s giving that monkey in your mind a bucket of buttons and commanding that monkey to move the buttons to another bucket. One. Button. At. A. Time.

It stops the clamor.

It slows the chatter.

Be in that moment.






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