I know, I know… I’ve been lazy. Well, I haven’t been lazy really, just lazy about writing. Life has a funny way of pulling me to and fro when it comes to time management. It’s like some days all I want to do is write and others days I’m like…

A month or so ago Josh asked me which horse on the ranch was my favorite. And I sat there and thought about it for a long while and just couldn’t come up with a good answer. The ponies are kinda bratty so… none of them make the cut. Elvis is a handful. Bug is evil. Howie is skittish. So in my typical analytical decision making style I made it my mission to weigh all of my options before determining which horse was indeed my favorite. The verdict is in!


Cuddles with Amanda. Every night he spreads his hay out and then lays down and eats it. He’s a goob!


Name: Money a.k.a. Money Man or Funny Money

Age: Old?

Special Needs: Blind

Breed + Sex: Paint Gelding

Height: 16 hands

Pasturemates: Howie, Bug, and Ranger

Money has one of the sweetest, saddest stories of all. He was raised as a service horse for the police force. Because of his stellar personality and his work on the force, Money is literally bombproof. Nothing upsets him and he knows how to chill. Take one of his pasturemates away? No biggie. Leave him last when you’re feeding out grain? Not a prob. He’s not vocal, not even a little bit. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him “say” anything. But there’s nothing he loves more than food. Bananas. Granola bars. Sandwiches. “Gimme the goods!” he says with a long stretch of his neck. His owner/officer worked alongside Money for years and years until Money was struck with equine recurrent uveitis* and lost his sight entirely. For safety reasons, the officer could no longer keep a blind horse at the force’s facilities so he brought him to us. Dan said he was the only owner that has ever cried because he had to leave his horse behind. For years the officer would come and visit Money, but one day he just stopped coming… The officer had passed away. I never met the man, but his legacy lives on in the blessing that is Money.

Every day I come up to Money, kiss him on the nose, and say “…just because I love you…”. There are major perks to being my favorite. You get groomed every day. You get more grain water than your barnmates. And you get apple treats just for existing. I call that #winningatlife

Happy Fri-yay, loves!



*Otherwise known as “moon blindness” because in the 1600’s they believed that it was caused by the phases of the moon. Along with vision loss, the disease turns the eyes white which makes them appear “moon-like”. Taylor has the prettiest moon-blind eyes on the whole farm. More on that later.


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