Meet Bug!

Here is a rather unflattering picture of Bug…


Name: Layde Bug

Nickname(s): Bug, Buggers, Bug the B.

Special Need(s): Missing left eye entirely

Age: Not sure?

Breed + Sex: Arabian Mare

Pasturemates: Ranger, Howie, Money

Let it be known right here and now that Bug is my least favorite horse of all time. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s got a demon.

Bug has got one of the strangest back stories, too. Bug was a tiny filly when she was purchased as a pet (yes, a pet) by a Playboy Bunny (yes, a Playboy Bunny). The bunny and her filly were very happy together snuggling and eating apple treats at the mansion until one day the little filly had a terrible accident and gouged out her left eye. Eyeless and growing fast, Bug was having new challenges and the Bunny decided to re-home her little “pet.” SO Bug came to us as a troubled yearling. She was pampered and spoiled and never taught any manners what-so-ever.

Bug is a terror on hooves. Her previous upbringing along with Dan’s commandment to “let a horse be a horse” has created a monster. She’s lead mare in the barn. She MUST be brought in from the field first and if you do not bring her in the very moment that she wants to come in then she bites and kicks at the gate and runs around the field neighing. And THEN to make matters worse when you bring her in she will either ditch you and then run up to the barn on her own OR she will calmly walk to the barn and then jump into her stall the moment she gets close. She will lunge at you through her stall windows, so we have to keep them closed. If you go into her stall when she’s in a bad mood she will kick you. And then just to add insult to injury she’ll whip her head around so that she can glare at you with her ONE eye.

I hate that horse.

She minds her manners just fine when Josh works with her (I tell him it’s because she’s got a crush on him). And Dan says that we should give her more treats to “earn her trust.” I’m no expert on horse behavioral issues, but that horse has a respect issue not a trust issue. I’ve gotten to the point where I make the vet techs get her from the field because I’m tired of dealing with her. If that makes me a terrible person then so be it because I don’t want to die at age 25…

Dan won’t let us lunge her either because he says it’s inhumane… But what in the world am I supposed to do when she jerks the lead rope out of my hand and takes off?! I ain’t holdin’ on to that! One time she took off and ran into another stall. Another time I got her to edge of her stall, stopped her, and then when I asked her to “step up” she snorted and then shouldered me into the barn wall and jumped in. Thankfully, I only got a bruised hip from that episode but my-oh-my.

At the farm when we want to give an explanation for Bug’s bad behavior we say, “This is what happens when you let a bunny raise a horse…”

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