Meet Pumpkin and Acey!

Pumpkin (Left) and Acey (Right)

Nicknames: Punk/Punky and Ace

Special Need(s): Acey is fully trauma blind

Acey (pronounced like “A + C”) is a racehorse from the Florida circuit. One unfortunate race day she became antsy like many hotblooded racehorses in the chutes… and she reared up suddenly smashing her head on an overhead bar which left her fully trauma blind. Being unable to race anymore, her owners had to decide between putting her down and rehoming her. So she was transferred to a farm sanctuary in Georgia! Acey lived for a short time at this sanctuary until Dan offered her a new home on his farm. The new owners accepted the offer, but unbeknownst to them, Acey was already pregnant with a little, red stallion.

Pumpkin was born not long before Acey was to be transferred to Dan’s farm. Dan told me on Thursday that her colt was so tiny when he arrived that they put him in men’s long underwear to keep him warm. He also said that he thought that Pumpkin “got stuck in the birth canal” because he always had the “look of the devil in his eyes.” Things started out rocky for little Punky. His mama, newly blind AND learning a new environment, was having a hard time not stepping on her colt. So in order to prevent this from happening he was separated from his mama until it was time to nurse and then he was fed under close supervision. Then disaster struck… Pumpkin contracted Potomac Fever and became so ill that he nearly didn’t make it. He was an invalid for MONTHS and required around the clock care. During that time he was not properly socialized nor properly disciplined because…ya know…everyone thought he wasn’t going to make it. That and Dan simply wanted him “to be a horse”…

Well, surprise! He not only survived, but he grew into a giant, orange brat. Pumpkin is considered the most dangerous horse on the farm. None of us have any contact with him. When we want to move him we use piles of alfalfa and several chutes and gates. And when he needs vet care we give him a giant bucket of grain and pray that we don’t die. That picture above was taken when he was whipping his head around to bite me over the fence. Isn’t that such a shame?! It frustrates me that we have horses like this on the farm, but Dan won’t let us work with them so that they learn respect and good manners. Pumpkin even has a giant vein on the side of his head that pulses when he gets really fired up. It’s quite terrifying…

Next up! Howie!



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