Self Care on a Budget

Since I can no longer afford luxurious activities such as trips to the day spa as part of my self care routine (although I miss those days of steam rooms and massages dearly), I am taking the time to remind myself today that I don’t need to spend any money in order to chill and recharge after a long week.

I got home from work this afternoon and, even though it was only a whopping 57 degrees out, I decided to treat myself to a “nest” outside. I grabbed a blanket, a pillow, a calf-length sweater and a book. It. was. bliss. to sprawl out on a blanket and enjoy the sunshine after a dreadfully wet winter. It wasn’t even cold this winter in my neck of the woods. It was ridiculously rainy, though. I mean, if I wanted to live in Seattle then I would be in Seattle right now…where it rains every day.

I have a healthy fear of the sun, but I’ve been a total sun-seeker all winter. I’ve even gotten into the habit of opening up the blinds at work when the managers aren’t looking. Apparently they keep them closed because the sun “gets in people’s eyes”. In my head I’m thinking, “That’s the POINT. Maybe if it got into their eyes then it would get into their souls and make them HAPPIER.” Some humans are real grumps. I wonder if life has worn them down…

This is as “tan” as I ever get… Kauai, Hawaii.

Right now I’m also desperately trying to get rid of my polar bear legs and get back to the glow I reveled in last summer. I’m no sun-worshipper, but I’ve been know to take a sun bath or two whenever I feel the need. The warmth, the vitamin D, I don’t even know, but there is definitely something soothing about the sun.

Sunshine = Free (gift from God)

Blanket = Free (gift from some ex’s granny)

Book = Free (gift from the library)

I’ve also joined an online yoga class (FREEEEEEE) which means that every morning before work I join thousands of other yogis on the mat. Yeah, I have to do a lot of modifications because of the joints, but I’m showing up on the mat and that’s what counts.

Part of my gratitude practice each week is me striving to not whine about the self care activities that I can no longer afford (such as spa days and yoga studio memberships) and to get creative with ways to take care of myself while spending little to no money. Today it was sunbathing and reading. On Monday it will be yoga with Adriene via YouTube, and Tuesday it will be free yoga at the library, and so on and so forth.

Self care can means a lot of different things, since each person needs to be cared for in a different way. But tonight’s little encouragement is to remember that self-care doesn’t need to cost money to be AWESOME. At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I remember how awesome it is to be wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe while people bring me hand-painted truffles…

Goodnight, Loves.

P.S. I accidentally drank a caffeinated latte tonight. Wish me luck. I’m highly caffeine sensitive…

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