Nature Walk

March 20th, 2019 – Spring Equinox! The earth is waking up. Out my window I see white buds on the trees and patches of juicy green grass on my front lawn. Spring is here, my people, and I couldn’t be more excited. The other day at work I accidentally whined to a customer about the weather. It was sunny that day, but I interjected that I “wished it were warmer.” I want to enjoy the weather the way it is in the present moment, but I do long to be warm again. Here in my neck of the woods it’s still consistently in the 30’s and I’m over it.

Today’s little encouragement is to get outside and enjoy whatever Spring has given you in this moment. My friend Briley and I went to a local cave to walk some trails. And even though I was wearing a sweater, boots, and my winter coat it was still wonderfully…calming… to tromp through trails and crisscross our way through the little streams and tiny waterfalls. Enjoy Spring where you are and the way that it is in this very moment.

Catch the moon!

I didn’t even know this nature center existed, which tells you that I clearly need to get out more since this is a small town. Not only are there underwater boat tours of the caves, but also walking trails, a nature center, a butterfly house, and numerous garden areas. I can’t wait to see this place after everything blooms. Maybe they can teach me how to better plant my yard for the pollinators.

Yesterday at lunch I reached my limit for time indoors, so I grabbed my lunch and ate outside at the only outdoor eating place available to me – the curb on the side of the parking lot. People stared, yes they did. But if I wanted to experience some sort of fresh air on my 30 minute lunch break then the sunny curb was the only option for me and my bean burrito. In my life, gone are the European days when lunch breaks actually meant something and people spent as much time as possible enjoying nature. It’s like people here forget to do that. They forget that their life doesn’t revolve around their job or something.

Nature is a blessing. Nature makes me want to go all zero-waste-lifestyle. Nature makes me want to go all tight-wad on my water consumption. Nature makes me want to ditch shoes simply to dig my toes into the cool grass whenever I get the urge.

Extra doses of nature – it’s on my list for my self care this Spring. That nature center was full of all sorts of nooks and crannies that would be perfect for reading and relaxing in the sun. If I was completely unaware of this nature center then there have got to be others that I’m missing as well.

Time to go find some more nature!

Happy Spring!

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