Your go-to playlist for Breakup Bops

Last week I attended the wedding weekend of a dearest friend. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel about a weekend of marital bliss surrounded by couples on every side. 😱 I thought I’d be at this wedding celebrating alongside a special someone like many of the others and then…plans changed. I was a little bit afraid that I’d get a little bogged down in emotion since weddings have a special way of reminding me how lonely I am. I actually mentally prepared just in case 😅 But in the end I actually didn’t think much at all about myself and my poopy love life during the entire trip. 😲 I think I was too blissed out. More on that soon 😏

That being said, if there’s one thing my ex taught me well is that good playlists are essential for life. 😂 So last month I put together an epic breakup playlist on Spotify called “HIM” (maybe it’s HER in your case). 😉It’s got a little bit of everything. It’s the soundtrack for tears, a fierce jog, or a jubilant dance. It’s for the heartbreak that just smacked you in the face or the one you can’t let go of because it hurts too good. It’s for all the complicated and conflicting emotions that come with newly attained singleness. And it’s also for those moments when you realize that even though you’re back to “going it alone” you’re still freakin’ awesome and you GOT THIS! Or maybe you’re still unsteady and need a little pep to get back on your feet again – you’ll find that here, too! You’ll find all sorts of genres from country to electronic to folk. You’ll find popular artists like P!nk, the lesser known but stunning MUNA, and several from my current artist crush Sasha Sloan. It’s 2 hours 28 minutes of fabulous breakup bops. And if you like what you hear know that I’m still adding songs on the regular. Enjoy it, my fellow breakup bad apples! 🍎

P.S. Overdid it in yoga a month ago and injured/strained/didsomethingto my wrists (imagine that) so I’m still on the struggle bus with typing and not able to contribute to the blog much… Seeing my PT this week, though, so hopefully I’ll be back full time soon!

HIM – Breakup Bops for your time of need:

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