The Unsteady Uproot – “Opening Credits” (Tuesday, June 18th)

There’s something both awe inspiring and ghastly about people who complete some difficult task or reach some incredible goal. It’s as if they are firmly planted on some high mountain while I grapple in the rocks wondering how they made it to the top. The hero or heroine says to all who ask about their ultimate success: “Yeah, it wasn’t easy. There were issues along the way. Highs and low. But in the end I kept going and it all worked out.”

Keep going? And it’ll all work out?

I guess I’m not much of a visionary, but vague highlights from what turns out to be a lengthy journey to whatever better place/goal/task never was good enough for me.

Not that my goal is to become insta famous (not at all), but I talked with my Insta Idol @shutthekaleup a while back about how she ended up turning her IG into a serious “side hustle” (her words, not mine). To put this into perspective for you if you are unfamiliar with her:

She started her IG as an LA-based yoga instructor married to a musician. By her own accounts they were barely able to make the rent when they first started their marriage. Now she’s got two little boys and is a stay-at-home mom. At 322K+ followers she has brand partnerships with names like Dyson, Google, Adidas, and Kohls. I’m not sure if you can call THAT a SIDE hustle. That’s a full-blown business, girl.

And when we talked do you know what she said about her “path to success”? All she said was that it all happened very “organically” and that she “never sought to make anything out of her account”! I’m not saying that she’s lying or anything, but I think there is so much more to the story than – “I have no idea how all this happened”. No matter what it is that we are doing and no matter whether we recognize steps as important I believe that we are constantly making choices that will either lead us where we want to go or where we do not.


If you don’t know where you want to go then it doesn’t matter which way you go…

The caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland said that. And it’s solid truth. If you don’t know where you want to go with your life then it doesn’t matter one bit what you do with your time. Do whatever. Sit on your butt and eat donuts for all I care.


If you do know where you want to go… then certain paths will lead you closer and closer to your destination and others will lead you farther and farther away from it. That’s just the way journeys work.

Somewhere along the road @shutthekaleup made small or BIG decisions that led her closer and closer to signing a partnership with Google etc. And by the way, she said she turns down about 95% of the partnerships she is offered. By that simple math she’s living off 5% of the potential money that she could be earning! And lemme tell ya, she’s spends a couple hundred dollars on food every few days, travels like crazy, and never seems to turn down an offer for an outing. And don’t even get me started on her collection of clothing and shoes. Yes, she does live in a dual income family, but they have two kids and live in one of the most expensive parts of California – and she’s clearly not wanting for cash.

All of that is my round about way of saying that I am about to do something challenging. And I’m about to do it in the name of getting closer and closer to a goal. And unlike the others who either don’t want to share their journey or who honestly can’t remember what they did a long the way I’m gonna give you a more in depth look into how all of this is gonna go down because I’m going to offer you stories along the way right here on the blog.

Some of it may read like a story book and others might read like a field journal that’s short and choppy – it’ll just depend on what’s going on at the time. And I gotta say this upfront — I am the queen of “good enough”. Gone are my perfectionist days. My anxiety eats me alive if I don’t consciously give myself permission to simply be “good enough”. And I apply this to every area of my life now because if I don’t – I will literally remain paralyzed by my perfectionism. Have you read my post about perfectionism? It’s called “Fear in High Heels” and if you struggle with a perfectionism streak it might be helpful to you, too. All of that is to say that I am working really hard – yes – but I am also enacting some very intentional barriers for my physical and mental health.

From now until whenever I decide to stop I’m gonna write posts about what is truly happening with this new adventure. I’ll share all deets I can muster up, while still being entertaining and interesting. Sometimes the posts might only be a paragraph and other times they might be a few pages depending on what’s going on. Each post along this same vein will be titled “Unsteady Uproot” followed by a title specific to the post and the date on which it was actually written (you’ll notice that it’s October and you’re just now seeing a post written in June). I’ll be sharing my journey here and occasionally on IG using the #unsteadyuproot

You might be wondering why this post is dated June 18th and just now being posted on October 1st. Mostly it’s because I prefer not to share the ups and downs in life with the world until I’ve had a chance to process them on my own. Could I have banged out a 1000 word post on that night in the hills of Kentucky when my car broke down and I was all alone? Sure. I had the time and plenty of material, but in the end it was a stressful and tiring experience and I wanted to put in the energy to fix the problem and move on before I tried to write a comical story about all that. So I back dated them all. And now they’re in little chapters of their own ready to be enjoyed by you all a couple times a week. Each Tuesday and Thursday at 6am CST (if you’re subscribed to my email notifications) you’ll receive one of these chapters to your inbox. I’m gonna do my best to take you along on this crazy journey of starting my life and career all over again from the ground up.

I’m also a huge fan of Spotify playlists so I’m gonna try and put a few together for you all to enjoy along the way. One absolutely cannot do life without solid jams. In the meantime, though, if you’re in the mood for some breakup bops I do have a playlist called “HIM” that’s up on my Spotify. It’s got a bunch of different genres so I enjoyed making it just as much as I enjoy listening to it.

Ya’ll ready for this “Unsteady Uproot”? GULP

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