Unsteady Uproot – “Don’t look down.” (Friday, June 21st)

After 3 hours of sitting on a hard chair I’m surprised that my butt has not cemented to my seat. I am forcing myself to make a solid (see what I did there?) decision about my next step in life. Not an easy thing for me to do. My therapist keeps reminding me that not making decisions is also making a decision. This factoid doesn’t help calm my nerves any at all. But she also believes that I have the ability to make solid decisions for my life and comforts me with, “From here on out whatever decision you make – it’s a good decision.” When one seems to become paralyzed with options (definitely a victim of analysis paralysis here) this mindset may be the only way through to the other side.

Whatever decisions I make from here on out – they are good decisions. They all have different outcomes. But they are good decisions.

My lease is coming due for a renewal and I have finally admitted to myself that I cannot stay HERE. I cannot keep doing what I am doing because clearly, it’s not working. I mean, I’ve had a good life here, but I’m ready to view other options. I’ve done my due diligence for joining the community, putting down roots, and working on a career. But I think I want something else.

News FLASH. This is huge. I have decided to move to some (yet to be determined) state and I am going back to school. This time I’m not going for any more business education. Yuck. I’m going back for what I wanted to go into when I was first starting my undergraduate education. Back then I was too afraid. Back then I doubted myself. Now I am still afraid and still doubting myself just a little bit but I’m doing it ANYWAY. How’s that for gumption (or stupidity. You decide)?

I’ve decided to go back to school to train as a Physical Therapy Assistant. It’s like the PT version of the Physicians Assistant.

It’s a dream come true!!!

Picture of a blue teacup and saucer brimming with a frothy latte. Next to the coffee lies part of the cover of a book by Elizabeth Gilbert. The cover is blue with pink feathers on the front. Both items are sitting on a wooden table.
Been thinking a lot about this special little spot where I have done so much writing and quality chilling. I’ll miss it when I move.

Here in the city where I live I have a few choices for this education:

  1. Enter a full-blown doctorate program here at the local university and become a Physical Therapist instead of an assistant.
  2. Drive 1.5 hours to the nearest 2 year college and become a Physical Therapist’s Assistant.
  3. Move to a city where I can attend a 2-year college and become a Physical Therapist’s Assistant without having to commute 3+ hours each day to classes.

I have chosen the lattermost option.

Move somewhere new. And go to school.

And so it begins.

4 thoughts on “Unsteady Uproot – “Don’t look down.” (Friday, June 21st)

  1. Argh sorry, that was meant for a post about, well, tacos! I find that people very rarely stay with what they set out to be. My sister did horticulture at college and went back at 40 to retrain to be a nurse. My brother did computing and he now lays tiles.


    1. Agreed! It’s mighty hard to find out what you want to do without trying a few things out. And that trial and error might take a while and it might not. It’s all in the journey!


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