Unsteady Uproot – “Is that your final decision?” (Friday, June 28th)

I don’t have much time to write before I dash off to work, but I have an announcement! After much deliberation and various sessions of me making random X’s on this map I have made my decision to move to… *drumroll please*


Time to try something new! I’ve been told by my older sister that Texas is the worst state, but for now it fits all of my criteria! It never has harsh winters and basically stays warm all year round. It has a similar cost of living to Tennessee and Kentucky (unless you decide to live in Austin) – two states with which I am very familiar. It has some of the top Physical Therapy Assisting Schools in the country AND overall it has the largest number of accredited schools next to California, which means that if I don’t get accepted into one school there is a whole host of other options to choose from. Also, my brother lives there and my family has randomly decided to move to the state as well, so we’ll be close enough for weekend trips.

So…. TEXAS. This is my final decision.

I feel surprisingly…calm. Maybe it’s because I know I am escaping from my boring part time job? Maybe it’s because for once in my life I feel like I have a solid plan? And it’s a solid plan that I actually feel EXCITED about. Scared to dive into something that’s going to be so new and BIG, yes, but also really really excited.

I gave my landlord notice of my lease termination so…yeah, it’s starting to feel real real. 4 weeks and counting!

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