Unsteady Uproot – “House Hunters” (Sunday, June 30th)

Got some fabulous news today! I have a (temporary) place to live while I get my crap together! Not super wild about living in another couple’s home, because of past experiences but I keep reminding myself that it’ll only be temporary until I get solid income and can lease a place of my own. The housing opportunity is in a different city than I was first expecting, but since my little sister has decided to go to school there that means I’ll have a sister+friend along this journey – a built-in roomie would be a wonderful blessing, too!

Lemme tell ya… it is NOT easy to find a place to live when you are 16 hours away and you must rely on google, email, and phone calls. Waddya want? A condo? An apartment? A townhouse? A house? It’s especially challenging when there are 1000’s of places to choose from and they ALL have such mixed reviews AND you learn that now that you are moving to Texas you now have to think about some new challenge: HURRICANES. And not only that but certain pieces of property are more easily affected by FLOODING so you have to be careful of which property you decide on. Never had to think about that before!

So for now, I’ll be staying in this temporary place while I figure out where I want to put down some roots. I think this might be the most difficult part to decide. When you can literally go anywhere… it becomes mighty hard to decide exactly where you should be.

Until next time…

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