Unsteady Uproot – “Facebook Marketplace” (Friday, July 19th)

So, you know that bed that I’ve been obsessing about? Well, I borrowed that bed from my parents. Like, bed frame, mattress, boxspring and all. And I’m having to sell it now because it won’t fit in their truck with all my other stuff that they are storing for me and… it also won’t fit in my car. Duh. I drive a Honda.

So a couple of days ago I snapped a few photos of it, and today I posted it on Facebook marketplace. My page started BLOWING UP in about 30 seconds. Everyone wanted this thing.

I messaged one lady who seemed really interested and then I instantly got a sick feeling in my stomach. It was like it hit me for the first time that a stranger would actually have to come to my house for this thing. I mean, I know that this is how this process works, but in the end I didn’t like it at all that this lady was messaging me about my address and said she could drive to my house immediately. My anxiety was like, “NO! YOU CAN’T COME TO MY HOUSE!” because the story my anxiety was telling me was that this lady was only posing as an old women on Facebook, but in reality SHE was a HE and HE was a SERIAL KILLER LOOKING FOR FRESH MEAT.

I know…my brain needs help. But seriously. When you are alone most of the time you learn to be very cautious of strangers (especially in this neighborhood). I have had some really creepy scrapes with strange men and now I mentally create exit strategies, haha.

The bed lady is coming tomorrow afternoon. And my roommates are gone. The one neighbor I know is out of town. And my dad will only be in town long enough to load my stuff into his truck and then he’ll be driving the 5 hours back home.

Why must selling things to strangers feel so… strange?

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