Unsteady Uproot – “Closing Time” (Sunday, July 28th)

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m trying to work as quickly as possible to get every single belonging in a box, bag, or basket and stacked in one place in my house. Tomorrow I have the whole day to get all of my belongings in my car and scour the house from top to bottom before the inspection tomorrow at 5pm. When it comes to roommate involvement in the rental process there always seems to be an imbalance of workload. Have you noticed this? I seem to have drawn this particularly short straw, so I’m the one filing paperwork to end various utilities, and setting up forwarding addresses for deposit returns, and returning equipment, and absolutely busting my butt to ensure that the house is pristine before the inspection.

It’s not even about ensuring that we get our entire deposit back. It’s about doing an excellent job as a display of gratitude for the time we were granted in this space. At least, that’s what it’s about to me.

During my cleaning spree, I reached to detach my metal shower curtain hangers from my shower curtain and my hand slips and I slice the tip of my finger open on the open clasp. As blood begins to dribble down my thumb I inspect the metal. It’s slightly rusted in some areas. And my finger is clearly bleeding so does this 100% guarantee that I have contracted tetanus? This is probably not all that silly of a concern since I’m honestly not sure when I had my last tetanus shot.

Regardless of whether there is impending doom or not, I haven’t had a bout of hypochondria to this degree in years. The other day I saw an article on Facebook (a place I hardly go because it’s so full of nonsense) where some girl accidentally ate a piece of wire that came from a wire grill brush. Swallowing foreign objects (especially glass) has been a fear of mine for years, but that pushed me over the edge. WIRE. IN. FOOD? How will I ever be able to eat grilled food ever again??? I could literally feel something stabbing and scraping my throat for the next 6 hours *eye roll*.

When people are like, “You’re so brave to be moving across the country like this!” I’m something alright, haha. Anxious. Fearful. Paranoid. But for some reason pushing through it anyway.

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