Unsteady Uproot – “Stranded” (Wednesday, July 31st)

I honestly thought I had written a story about this night, but I can’t find it anywhere so apparently I made that up! Twas the night that my starter died…at night…in the middle of nowhere… and I had to get my car towed 90 miles… and I met this random young tow truck driver named Mike and learned all about his life story. Crazy night. Anyway, there’s a vlog where I retell the story up on my IGTV. You can watch it there, if you like! I tried to post it here but you can only post videos here when the profile is public. And due to my work I keep my socials private.

The the tow truck driver showed up right when the video ended. I got my car towed to my sister’s, spent the night, and then got it towed again to a repair shop where it cost me a cool $500 to get it repaired. Then I was on my way to visit more friends and most importantly – my godchild! After looking through all of these drafts that I’ve written over these last few months I have discovered that I went two weeks without writing a thing after this day… The synopsis is this: I had a lot of fun hangin and chillin with friends and family.

Sorry ya’ll will miss out on details, but I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got!

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