Unsteady Uproot “The parental’s house” (August 13th, Tuesday)

It’s rainy and I’m showered and I made the most delish, frothy latte from a Tanzanian Peaberry espresso shot + homemade hemp milk (who AM I?). But I’m slightly stressed from life, my back is killing me, I’m late for my period, and I’m as bloaty as a preggo (definitely not preggo), so here I sit to catch ya’ll up on all the goodies in my life. The only thing I foresee in the near future is pizza, this couch, a book, and a couple episodes of Pushing Daisys because I feel like a fat, tired human being who really needs to menstruate.

In case you missed it along the way (or are new to the blog), I left my boring job at the end of July and have been visiting friends and family since while using all of my new-found free time. I’ve found my way over hill over dale to my parents house in the hills of the Smokey Mountains where I have been spending time with my parents and siblings and enjoying my parents’ expensive belongings such as their free-standing tub (big enough for 5’8″ me to sprawl out in), robot vacuum (clean floors 27/7? Sign me up!), and their Vitamix (the only blender worth $500).

I hauled the remaining belongings that I did not sell or donate here to my parents’ house, but now that all of my stuff is piled into parental storage I’m looking at it all and once again considering selling and donating even more. The next 3 years are going to be busy and expensive. I’m not sure that all of these belongings are truly going to serve me over the next few years.

Speaking of the next 3 years, in case you also missed this! I am taking the plunge and going back to school to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. It’s competitive so it’s gonna take 6 months to a year for me to complete all of the requirements to apply. As of today I have applied to 5 schools and so far been accepted to 1. I’ve started the process to file my FAFSA (yay!) but I have to wait a few days to become verified so that I can officially apply. After that there is a mile long list of things I have to get done, but…I’m setting a goal for each day and knocking things off when I can. It’s been a little bit of a waiting game since certain things can only happen after other things happen (such as they won’t accept my transcripts until I’m accepted and I can’t apply for scholarships until I file my FAFSA).

I’m definitely feeling antsy because of all the changes. But I know it’ll be worth it in the end. It’s an adventure and now is the time for it!

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