Unsteady Uproot – “Stuff-Luggin’-Blues (Monday, August 19th)

There is a special level of annoyance that comes from moving your belongings around an inordinate amount of times. Here’s a little snippet of the number of times I have moved my belongings in the last 2 years:

At the end of 2017 I moved to small town America with (literally) no more than a backpack. How I survived working a brand new job, in a strange city, living in a not-so-great house, and with only 4 outfits… I am really, truly not sure. I had to move last minute for a job and figured I could work out the kinks later. There was some anxiety involved…I do remember that vividly, haha.

After that move I left most of my belongings in “storage” at my parents’ rental house. I came back to my parents’ like a month later and got a car load of stuff to tide me over which worked fine since my housing was provided by my work and the house was furnished.

By the middle of 2018, the company downsized and there was talk of selling it off so I started interviewing elsewhere. I didn’t end up getting job #1, but I did end up accepting a new life in another state. But my apartment wasn’t quite ready when I moved, so I had to find a temporary storage place. So I packed and unpacked my car at a friend’s house. Then I was able to get into my apartment the day before I left for Europe in 2018, so I packed and unpacked my car again but this time into my own place. A car load of belongings was all I had with me at the time.

By this time the rental house that was holding the remainder of my belongings was being lived in and I had to set up at an appointment with the renters to scour the house for my belongings, which felt quite awkward since I was shuffling through other people’s stuff in search of stuff I hadn’t used or even seen in months. I got what I could find during that load, and my parent’s loaded up furniture and the remainder of my stuff several weeks later. We packed and unpacked several more cars.

By 2019 I am ready to move for school, but I stopover at my parents’ to spend some time with them and help them out with some preparation for their own move because during the time I have planned my own move my dad has been offered a newer, shinier job. Weeks before, my dad comes 5 hours to another state and packs as much of my belonging as he can into a suburban and takes it to their house for storage…again. Then I sell what I can’t fit into my car and pack my car…again. And drive BACK to my parents’ house with the rest.

So all of my stuff is at my parents’ house AGAIN, but the place where I am going to in Texas is furnished and I only have a Honda and can’t afford a moving van so I have to sort through my mountain of belongings AGAIN. I make two piles: one I can’t live without and one I can do without for months (forever?) because I’m honestly not sure when I’ll see it again.

I’m so tired of lugging my stuff around. The thought of lighting it all on fire and being done with it sounds so freeing, haha. Those who say stuff is great clearly have not lugged it around the country countless time…

If you’re going to travel + move as much as I have then you have to develop some level of un-attachment to your belongings because it becomes quickly impractical to care about your stuff’s safety at all times.

Until the next chapter…

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