Unsteady Uproot – “How Frustrating” (Monday, September 2nd)

I once had a therapist who touted that she never used the word “frustrated” because the usage of that word implies your displeasure that things in life are not going your way. And since she accepted that things would not go her way 100% of the time she removed the word “frustrate” and all its variations from her vocabulary.

I myself am not nearly so evolved and so I find numerous ways to use that word in my everyday language. Potentially because I am whinier than some.

I chatted with my cousin in LA last night and she expressed how much LA felt like home to her. Even after all the stress and struggles of moving to a new place she still felt like LA was the right place for her to build a life. Maybe it takes time (she’s been there 7+ years now), but I have yet to feel like a particular place gave me a sense of belonging. Also, I’ve yet to live longer than a year or two in one place so that probably doesn’t help matters much.

It seemed so logical to my cousin to ditch everything and start over in a strange new city, but for me it feels like I’ve dropped from a plane without a parachute and am subsequently unable to get my bearings. What is up? What is down? Am I floating? Or am I falling?

I tapped my IG app this morning and stumbled upon @rocamoons announcement that they would be moving their family to New Zealand for a 4-5 month adventure. She herself is a kiwi, but she, her husband, and kid have been living in Hawaii for many years. When asked about her plans she indicated that no plans had been firmed up, but that they intended to stay some with family members and that they would be bringing their tent. Did I forget to mention that she’s also 7 months pregnant? She said that it’s important to her that this baby be born in NZ. What energy these people must have! And such a spirit of adventure!

On top of that, a friend I met in Hawaii last year decided to fulfill her dream of living and studying in Ireland. So she hopped up and moved to Ireland! HOW? Also, just found out that my cousin and his wife and kid are still in Scotland because he “wanted to finish his PhD there”. HOW?

How do these people get the guts to do these things? How do they figure out the steps?

Meanwhile I’m over here sweating about how I am going to get residency in a new state in a timely manner. Or where I’m going to live. Or where I am going to work.

@rocamoons explicitly stated that she and her husband Max were moving so that they could “do more living”. If what you’re doing ever day on your IG isn’t living then I am in serious trouble, haha. Because I must have the most unlived life ever!

In other news my sister has decided against attending a university in the new town where I am moving which means I won’t know a single soul there. I support her decision fully, but still… How FRUSTRATING!

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