Unsteady Uproot – “Memphis Nights” (Friday, September 6th)

There are certain types of people who get in their cars – alone – and willingly drive for more than 6 hours in one day. I call these people – “Crazy people”.

Me? I take a 16 hour trip and I split it up into multiple days #1 so that I can spend as much time as possible with friends along the way #2 not ever be in the car for more than 8 hours at one stretch and #3 so I mitigate the likelihood of a terrible crash happening because I have fallen asleep at the wheel.

I’m one of those weird people that gets crazy sleepy the moment I start to drive. Terrible. I know. But it’s just something about the endless road, and the music on the radio, and then gentle vibrations of the car that makes me sleepy. Add in a hefty dose of warm sunshine and cool AC on my face and I’m toast.

Anyway. All of the factors above have led me to a long drawn out road trip which has led me to the grand city of Memphis of a visit with a dear friend Y. If you’ve lost track of me on this journey picture the loooooong state of Tennessee. I started at the very tip of Tennessee (next to Virginia) and then went to rural Tennessee in the middle and now I’m clear on the other end in Memphis.

Back when I was in my first phase of college (I went to a junior college before I transferred to university) Y and I lived together. She was in high school and I was in college and wanting to not live alone. I lived at home during college but my parents took work out of state so for a while they were gone here and there so I lived with my friend Y and her family so that I didn’t have to be alone. I have some glorious memories from that time. That was back in the day when the TV show Merlin was everything and we would pile into her bed after school with snacks and “do homework” while we watched Merlin.

Did I forget to mention that EACH DAY her dad warmed up my car and cleaned my windshield so that I wouldn’t drive my car with cold oil and a foggy windshield? Well, he did. They were the best.

It’s been EONS since those days of banana nut Cheerios (they taste like banana fritters – no lie) and late nights of studying. She’s now almost a doctor and I’m about to be living in a faraway state and starting a new life. So I knew I just HAD to see her on my way out.


So here I am in Memphis. Uptown Memphis to be precise. We toured around, got popsicles from MEMpops, and now we’ve planted ourselves inside this concrete jungle so that she can study with some friends and I can catch up on some writing. I am slightly starving since I haven’t eaten in like 7 hours but it’s nothing a little decaf cafĂ© au lait can’t cure, right? Coffee is supposed to suppress your appetite, right? Seriously wishing that I had grabbed the apple on my front seat before we headed out but I had no idea we would be eating a South American timed (aka late) dinner. Hehe. In other news, super pumped that the coffee shop allowed me to use my insulated coffee tote. Not only will my coffee stay hotter and I reduced some waste, but they gave me like a $0.50 discount for bringing my own cup! Pays to be green, I suppose.

At nine or so we’re gonna head downtown for dinner, then some Korean drama watching, and then a loooooong day of driving tomorrow. Woot!

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