Unsteady Uproot – “A Strange New Land” (Sunday, September 8th)

I woke up to the lowing of cattle, which means that I have officially arrived. I have arrived in the land of palm trees. Of vast open ranches. Of dense shrubbery. Of oil pumps bobbing up and down. Of cool mornings and blisteringly hot days.

Who quits their job, gives up a sweet little home, and ditches their previous career in order to move to a house and a city she hasn’t even seen before yesterday when I pulled up in my dust-covered Honda? Me, obviously. A slightly deranged person, obviously. This state holds the promise of a better career and new opportunities and that seemed like enough at the time… when I was turning in my letter of termination to my landlord and told my manager I was putting in my “two weeks”.

16 hours worth of driving and now that I’m here I’m kinda getting waves of “What have I done?!?”. Like what in the world was I thinking giving all this up to move to this strange new land where 105F is a normal temperature and all I can see for miles is cattle land. Except for the fact that everyone here speaks english it almost feels like I have moved to a new country. I kid you not. I’m thinking, where are all the maple trees, and oaks, and normal pine trees? It’s like there is not a deciduous tree in sight! Every plant here looks like it was built to withstand the brutality of life, haha.

I’m settling in ok, though. I lugged all of my earthly belongings out of my car today and somehow all of them fit quite nicely in my new room. The place is furnished and I didn’t even know what room that I was renting looked liked. All I knew was that there was a month-to-month lease agreement waiting for me to sign upon my arrival.

The church I attended this morning was nice, although now that I think about it no one was particularly friendly because not a single person came up and introduced themselves to me. If it hadn’t been for the sweet couple that I rent from leading me around and introducing me to people I don’t believe I would have met many people at all! Aren’t humans strange?!

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