Unsteady Uproot – “Accepted” (Tuesday, September 10th)

For some reason this new state has accepted me as their own and I am the proud new owner of two new license plates for my car! Not that I should be all that surprised. I mean, it’s quite typical that when you follow the instructions online that you typically have a swift and pain free experience with the county clerk.

You know what’s pesky though? TAX. The number of times my car has been repeatedly taxed over the years seems unnecessary. I mean, I paid sales tax on it when I bought it – MUST it be TAXED every time I decide to park it in a new state? The answer is obviously – yes – because I was charged yet another exorbitant fee for these plates, too. The cost was so high I nearly choked. And the crazy thing about it is that that particular fee didn’t even cover the cost of the front license plate mount I have to buy for my car, the mandatory car inspection, OR the cost of my actual drivers license. PLUS I had to buy a more expensive car insurance policy because the state minimums are higher than my previous state.

My my my.

I thought about applying for my drivers license today too, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want picture proof of how long it’s been since I’ve washed my hair…

In other news, I have signed up for information sessions at all 5 of the colleges I have applied to, and I have begun to create a “key” to help me better narrow down my top 5 schools to top 2. Why – might you ask – am I narrowing when I cannot even hope to attend the program until Fall 2021? Well, gentle reader, this state also has this pesky little rule where they charge you an exorbitant fee if you attend their college before receiving official residency (aka “out of state”), and then they take THAT exorbitant fee and they divide that in half and they call that “tuition out of district”, and then they take THAT exorbitant fee and they divide that in half and they call that “tuition in district”. So, clearly, if possible, it would be best to live in district of my #1 school and pay “tuition in district”. Obviously.

Next up, finding a chiropractor (since it’s been 3 weeks and it still hurts to breathe), getting my drivers license, meeting with my #1 clinic to apply for jobs and for observation hours.

Have I mentioned I don’t trust chiropractors? After this many years of working with them because of my back they don’t seem to know how to handle my hypermobile joint system… But my PT thinks this is best, so here I am… again.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story. It involves someone short dark and handsome….

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