Unsteady Uproot – “Blasé” (Friday, September 13th)

Here is our morning flow:

I get up around six and walk until my Fitbit beeps “2 miles”. I grab the paper from the holder and head inside to stretch and listen to podcasts until my lovely host family wakes up. She grabs the cereal and I warm the muffins. He pours the milk and I brew the coffee. We say our usual “good mornings and how did you sleeps”, but before long we’re deep into our breakfasts and our pick of the various puzzles in the newspaper. They are more of a “word puzzle” type of couple – I more of a “numbers puzzle” kind of person, so while they unscramble words and devise phrases to describe a featured cartoon, I solve the daily Sudoku.

Or I try to solve the Sudoku. I admit I’m not very good at them… I tend to waste time by passively staring at the numbers. I was once on a plane working a Sudoku when the guy asked me if I were an engineer. When I replied “no” he commented that he never saw women working Sudoku’s unless they were female engineers…


Right after breakfast this morning I headed straight for my #2 option (I visited my #1 option yesterday) for volunteer service and observation hours. As I mentioned before, I need a minimum of 60 hours of observation in Physical Therapy and it has to be in at least 3 different areas of PT (such as acute care, pediatrics, etc.). So as not to waste any time I am trying to nail down some options before all the other students in this town catch on. I’m hoping that they might offer me a paid position as well, but my gut feeling says I shouldn’t get my hopes too high. For one thing, this PT clinic is massive (definitely the biggest I’ve ever seen), which means I couldn’t get past the gate keeper (aka the reception desk) to get any face time at all with the lead doctor or even a hiring manager (which I think would have helped significantly).

My resume – despite the number of professionals who have reworked it and the numbers of hours I have spent on it – is truthfully not very good (in my opinion). It’s decent, but it lacks focus because I have had so many different positions over the years. It’s honestly embarrassing every time someone asks to see my resume. But hand it over I did…reluctantly. Honestly, I was hoping I would get to talk to one of the doctors or the hiring manager even if it were only a hello or a handshake. They don’t know me from Eve so I needed that brief contact to give me a little boost. Unfortunately, I got nothing of the sort, so I left the clinic feeling a little small. This is still early in the game, but I liked this option best, so I set my hopes a little high.

I then made my way downtown to find the public library which is where this town got its first negative mark from me. There is a train track that runs through downtown and parts of the track are fenced off which means if you are unfamiliar with the one-way streets you might get trapped going around and around if you can’t figure out where is legal to park. And signage to help you find your way? THERE ISN’T ANY! Visiting this library made me absolutely ACHE for my library on the north side of Indianapolis. If you have ever been to the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Library then you understand my plight. The library here reeks of mildew and it’s cold and BROWN. Absolutely brown from head to toe. It’s entirely lacking in charm of any kind. And many of the shelves were empty and I don’t understand why.

I also couldn’t find a decent chair in the entire place. I am used to being able to curl up in a high-backed chair to read with the sun streaming down on me from floor to ceiling windows. That library was glorious. Here the place just felt sad. I honestly couldn’t imagine myself sitting on the floor and reading in this library like I’ve done so many times before. I’ve heard there is ONE more branch here in the city, but that it’s closed for renovations until the end of this month so I hope that one will feel a little more like “home”.

It might seem silly to even give a library a second thought when you move to a new city, but when you keep your belongings minimal and you read a book a week you rely on the library quite a bit.  

Since I was downtown and downright hot and slightly parched, I asked Google for a local coffee shop nearby. I found a highly rated one and dove inside out of the unbearable noon sun (it’s easily in the hundreds by noon). Maybe it’s because I am about to start my period and I’m feeling a little less energized and a little more blasé about life in general, but this place wasn’t up to snuff either! The ice chai was delicious – spicy and creamy just like it should be – but the place was dark and the tables not well kept and the counter was cluttered. Gone were the beautiful bars or the local art on the walls or the tatted and pierced baristas handing me my delicious frothy thing. So far I am still missing my former coffee shop. Plus the only craft-ish beverages I saw on the menu were what they called “Fogs” which appeared to be a compilation of hot teas, syrups, and steamed milk (aka tea lattes).

From there I forced myself to check out the first campus on my list. I should have been excited about this, but I have struggled with getting ANY information out of this campus, so I am starting to believe they don’t know how to do their jobs properly. I call people and they don’t answer. I try other numbers and they are disconnected. I email and I get no response. So today I show up for an informal tour BECAUSE THEY HAVE FAILED TO PUT ANY INFO ABOUT PT ASSISTING INFO SESSIONS ONLINE. The website says it will be there in August. It’s September and nothing is there. So, I go on a tour and then meet with a “Prospective Student” employee and she can’t get me any answers either. I then learn that I am on the wrong campus so I can’t even walk on over to anyone’s office.

What a weird day… Maybe it’s because it’s Friday the 13th? My task for the afternoon is to create a “key” for which I can rate each campus, program, director, and city where the campus is in. That way I will be able to narrow down my choices from 5 to my top 2.

I’ve been invited to a stranger’s birthday party tonight. Never met the dude, but hey! When you don’t know anyone in a new city you find yourself at random people’s birthday parties!

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