Unsteady Uproot – “Desert Love” (Saturday, September 14th)

If there is one thing that I have learned over the last 6 days in this city, it’s this: it will not rain when you need it to rain. I’ve heard we’re in a valley. And that there is some sort of “dome effect” around the city. The sky may turn dark and the wind may blow and you may even hear thunder – but it won’t rain. Conversely rain randomly falls from the sky when the sun is shining. It will fall for about 4 minutes and then disappear. And what slight amount of rain actually reaches the ground will evaporate in minutes. Folk around town call this area of the U.S. “desert”. Maybe that’s why all the trees look a lot more like bushes over here. They’re all shriveled like they’ve had to fight for water their entire lives.

The young guy who toured me around one of the five college campuses on my list tried to explain this dome effect of the weather. It was something about valleys and something about heat and something about population numbers. He said his girlfriend lives in New Jersey and that she misses being warm all the time. “Jersey?!”, I spluttered. “You do realize that’s close to 2000 miles away from here, right?” I’m positive he knew this fact, but I think I was accidentally seeking validation for myself since I recently slit the throat of a potential new relationship due to “distance issues”. What can I say? I had a lot going on when I had to make that decision! It was like the walls were caving in…

The tour guide’s reply was the kicker though, “Some people are worth whatever it takes to make it work.” Wow. In 30 minutes’ worth of info gathering I would guess him to be around 19-20. I guess some people just have the “relationship gene”. I seem to have the gene that bombs relationships. HA.

It gets worse. Today my host family invited over two of their new friends from their “Mature Wellness Center”. It was obvious during lunch that these two couples hadn’t spent much time exchanging personal information because there was much they each didn’t know about the other. They got on the topic of my host family’s marriage. During their dating time my host family lived hundreds of miles apart. During one part of their dating they could only send letters, and for one reason or another they chose to write handwritten letters, so they only heard from each other about every other week. Then they moved to nightly phone calls. But then she moved Europe (she was in the CIA for YEARS – true story) and they STILL wrote letters and phone calls. They made it work even with the distance and have been happily married for a decade. See? Somehow these people end up not accidentally marrying serial killers.

The husband of the couple we were lunching with said he’d met his wife on a bus when he was 18. Apparently, the bus shifted suddenly and she fell on top on him. He said she never stopped talking and he knew right then that he was in love. It’s like a movie script! Oh my word…

Pretty much that’s all my news today, haha. I started my period today and 3 Advil has barely made a dent in the pain so I’ve done nothing but sleep and nibble on food all day. Probably adding to my annoyance about people’s love lives. I DID, however, manage to watch a hilarious and ironic Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie about a guy who had to recreate himself in order to get a girl to date him.

In other news, I drove to the birthday party last night only to realize that the party had been rescheduled and I was the last to know…(sigh). Waze then proceeded to totally throw off my drive home. I could rant for an hour about how annoying and confusing the roads are here. At one point on the drive the GPS tried to get me to turn the wrong way on a one-way street. Which are everywhere around here. They also have an obsession with “feeder roads” and “turnarounds” which are basically super roundabout ways of getting you back on the interstate.

Advil calls…

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