Unsteady Uproot – “Walking Club” (Wednesday, September 18th)

If you remember correctly, I’m living temporarily with an older couple who has an extra room. I’m currently free-loading because they have refused all of my attempts to pay rent, utilities, etc. I think I’m gonna start stocking the house with random things like toilet paper or milk just to contribute something at all. Not that that makes up for much…

One of the perks of living here is that for the first time in a long time I have a safe place to walk without having to drive somewhere (which I hate to do especially first thing in the morning). It reaches the upper 90’s here during the day so it’s not exactly ideal to walk during the day with the sun blazing on you. So far this city seems to stay sunny most of the time. Only time will tell what the Fall and Winter look like, though.

I am seriously trying to start up an early morning walking club here. I mean, so many people walk around here so why can’t we walk together and like…be friends or something. So far people have been friendly. The other day I met an environmental engineer from down the street and her adorable little dog named Easy who is ridiculously well-trained. She said that she found out about me from the couple that I live with. And that she knew that I needed connections and she suggested I visit the neighbor in the white brick house because the wife is a Physical Therapy Assistant. She also said she had heard from them that I was interested in Tai Chi and that she practiced early each morning. She also asked if I liked to petsit. I gushed and said YES especially when the pet is so “easy” haha.

During one of my walks I came upon a woman struggling with her garbage can. I said good morning and she sheepishly confessed that their garbage was overflowing because she has such a big family. We laughed and I offered that I understood because I came from a family of 7 kids. Not much of an exchange but now whenever she or her kids see me outside they yell hello and wave about madly which I’d say is progress of some sort.

When I’m not chatting with my neighbors over environmental issues or garbage I’m doing that awkward arm pumping fast walk while consuming as many podcasts as is humanly possible in an hour. My current obsession is “Magic Lessons” which is the podcast that Elizabeth Gilbert started as a continuation of her book Big Magic. The podcast is fun. It’s also evocative because it seems like there are too many people in the world doing things for money that suck the life out of them. It’s a goal of mine to stop putting any emphasis at all on the earnings of myself and others. The amount of money you make will never make you into a more valuable person.

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