Unsteady Uproot – “Livin’ my best life.” (Saturday, September 28th)

Despite this weekend being incredibly stressful and painful (physically. probably due to the increased stress and all) this day is off to a wonderful, relaxing, healing start. I have a horrible tendency of rating my days based on the number of so-called “bad” things that happen each day. Few or no “bad” things happen during the day and I proclaim the day a good day. Several or many “bad” things happen during the day and I proclaim the day a bad day. By that logic I assumed this week would be declared a bad week… Definitely need to rethink my day rating process.

I know that all sorts of things happen in a day and that’s life, so I’m definitely trying to get in and stay in place where as long as I am safe and have eaten food that day then all is well and good in my life. That leaves a lot of room for frustration, and error, and things not going my way.

It’s 9:31 on a Saturday morning as I type. I’m sitting out on a massive veranda outside my favorite coffee shop eating my kolache (oblong roll wrapped around your favorite fillings – I chose sausage and cheese today), sipping a Bee’s Knees latte (remembered my thermos this time), while the fans above me are drying the sweat onto my body in white rivets. And you know what? I left my phone in my car so I can’t even snap a pic and be like #livinmylife! Haha, kidding. I try not to be one of those. I would like to say I’m living an “undocumented life” but blogging is even more documentation than social media so…yeah.

I was here at this coffee shop last Saturday and I discovered via a sign that they offer a FREE weekly yoga class in front of the coffee shop. This coffee shop is out in the middle of nowhere in the bottom half of a swanky hotel. Across from the shop/hotel is a vast open green area and beyond that is a beautiful waterway complete with a boardwalk and a covered pavilion. It’s gorgeous out here. And peaceful. Not sure if it’s because it’s a post-workout snack or if it’s just particularly good but – MAN – the latte…the kolache… the atmosphere…HIT THE SPOT.

My back has been hurting SO badly. I know I need to exercise, but everything feels like pain not like progress so it’s been difficult to motivate myself to JUST DO IT. I’m honestly not sure why my back isn’t making any progress from this injury. Neither are my doctors. My PT guesstimated that it would take 5 sessions with the chiropractor to get my back in back to it’s normal capacity. I’m on session four this coming week and I can tell you that I am nowhere close to normal back function. On top of the low back pain I’m also experiencing as intense muscle spasm behind my right shoulder blade which has made it impossible to breathe deeply without pain. IT SUCKS. Nothing like spending large amounts of money and feeling like your body is getting worse. I thought about splurging on a massage but I’m not sure if it would actually help me or not.

So here I am! Takin’ my butt to a community yoga class. I’m not letting myself splurge on gyms or exercise classes YET… so free classes and YouTube is where it’s at! Yoga has a very special way of evening out muscle imbalances, plus it’s one of the best ways to stabilize the entire body. The key to yoga is to let your body lead the practice – not your ego. Your body will show you your limits and how to nudge them gently. Your ego will force you into positions you aren’t ready for and you’ll hurt yourself because of it. You might be shocked by the number of people who tear their rotator cuffs because a yoga instructor makes chaturanga sound like something that every yogi should do. It’s not. Depending on your body type you might never be able to do the full pose safely or it might take you years to gain the strength to do it safely.

In other news I AM NOW FULLY EMPLOYED! And I start on Tuesday. It all happened so freakishly fast that I’m almost not sure what to think about everything. Not one of my applications/resumes/cover letters has gotten me even a rejection email so I started talking to some of the new people that I’ve met in town about any job options that they might know of. My new friend suggested I join a local staffing agency so that I could work with a recruiter. I have only been in this state and in this city for three weeks so since I wasn’t getting any interviews doing what I was doing I knew I needed a little extra help.

Working with a recruiter is life changing and now I am wishing that I had tried them all those years before when I have struggled terribly with getting a job. Basically, you “apply” for a job with the staffing agency. And then they send you 5-6 exams depending on your field of interest to test your skills in that particular area. When you complete the exams they set up an interview with them, which is conversationally just like a regular interview. After that interview they look through the options for available jobs and get your feedback on which job you would like to pursue. With your permission they then call the company and recommend you for an interview. At that point the company can say “yes” or “no” to your interest. If they say “yes” then they will set up an interview and if “no” then you repeat the process until you get a “yes”. Make sense?

Well, I got an interview yesterday at 3pm. They were apparently impressed by something because my recruiter called me at like 4:15 and said they put in an offer! They asked me to start on Tuesday! This state is an “at will” state so even though I am employed I will be on a 90 day probation period during which I will be on an hourly wage before I switch to salary. It’s a job in business which is cool because it means that I’m getting to use my degree for now.

It was a little bit of a struggle to figure out what job to get. I need money to pay for housing and life and school, but I’ll be taking prerequisite classes in the spring so getting an employer to hire me on those terms and/or work with me and my school schedule in the spring is a pretty tall order.

Paying for life. Paying for school. All by yourself. It’s gonna be interesting but I’m gonna figure it out one way or another…

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