Unsteady Uproot – “The Slump” (Monday, October 14th)

What can I say? I got into a little bit of a writing slump… Not writer’s block, mind you, (I never seem to suffer from that affliction) just simply could not bring myself to sit in front of my laptop long enough to type…

Last time we spoke I had just arrived in the Austin, TX area to spend the weekend with some friends. It was glorious to say the least. We spent the entire weekend chatting and eating and exploring. It was exactly what I needed after feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed the last few weeks.

All this newness has been weighing on me. Don’t get me wrong, things are great – really great – but in the end all the changes and the “not having a place to call my own” is doing some damage. Definitely feeling some sadness and anxiety about everything. Speaking of new things, I absolutely HATE that I have to pay to drive on roads around here… And the longer you stay on that particular road the more they charge you! I have GOT to get one of those toll passes.

Funny thing happened when I got back from Austin late Sunday night the 6th. I locked myself out of the house. I literally unlocked the door and somehow managed to lock it back without realizing it. I set my keys on the counter and walked back outside to get my suitcase and the door was LOCKED. It was one of those things where your key gets stuck and you have to wiggle the key back and forth in order to get it back out. So in all my wiggling I must have actually locked it back. Horrifying to know that you’ve locked yourself out of the house at 11pm and you don’t even have car keys so you can’t even drive away! Thankfully a lady at church still had my host family’s house key since she had watered their plants for them in the past…otherwise I would have had to sleep in the garage! OOF.

Work has been good. A little boring at first, but everyone here is super nice which makes my days better. Living alone (my host family is out of town for a month and I don’t move into my new place until November 1st) and not really having any friends tends to wear on me. Left too long by myself and I tend to go downhill. I don’t get scared, but when I get lonely I numb. I waste lots of time, sleep a lot, eat a lot, and watch lots of TV. I’m not exactly sure why it works this way in me, but when I’m alone too much I lose all desire to do anything mentally, physically, or emotionally healthy for myself… Which is why I fear living alone, haha!

I somehow managed to snag an expensive football ticket for this past Saturday’s game between Bama and the Aggies. I care nothing for football, but then again I am lonely so I can’t really complain when people offer me opportunities to be around 100,000 people… I stressed myself to the max about how I was going to get to the game and park and find my way around a campus that spans for miles, BUT I talked to a lot of people and I researched and I ended up using the city’s public transport system to save me some money. It worked like a charm. And I also managed to squeeze in a little coffee and kolache date with myself before I caught the bus, which was nice and needed.

Tomorrow is my favorite day. Wanna know why? Because Tuesdays are my days to get 2 hours worth of rehab, relaxation, and chiropractic for my back. It’s like going to the spa, PT, and the chiropractor all in one place. And it is magical. Magical Tuesdays.

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