Unsteady Uproot – “Welcome to Colorado!” (Sunday, January 5th)

Whenever I travel, I try my hardest to meet up with friends as I journey to my final destination. Sometimes this means meeting up with a friend for lunch during a long drive or adding an extended layover to a flight journey. This time around I knew that my final destination would end up at 10,000ft elevation, so it wasn’t ideal from a health standpoint to make that trip too quickly. At home I’m at 300ft elevation and right at the moment I’m in the Mile High City which means I’m currently at 5,280ft elevation. As crazy as it sounds I’m already feeling a bit strange with a 5,000 foot climb.

The trip to Denver was relatively uneventful other than that they delayed my flight an hour and then changed it back to the original takeoff time at the last minute. Funny story, though. As we were trying to get on our flight some guy with a European passport thought he was a VIP or something and pushed ahead of everyone in Group 5. His friend looked at him like he was an idiot, but for some reason the people in line went ahead and let him cut in line. Turns out the guy’s seat was in the very last row of the plane and in the middle seat next to my window seat. So this guy rushed and pushed ahead of the line so that he could claim his back-of-the-plane middle seat next to me, which meant his 6’5″ self had to pull his bag out of my seat and crawl out of the back row to let me in. Silly boy… I did try to talk to him, but he didn’t speak much english at all, haha.

I got into Denver early yesterday evening and then caught the bus to the west side of the city where two of my friends picked me up from the bus station. I haven’t seen them in a long while, so there was no way I would travel all the way to Colorado and not spend some time with them. I would much rather spend the weekend with friends than in a hotel by myself. As much as I love spending time with myself and all that – it gets old sometimes.

It’s been wonderful spending time with R. and J. eating, talking, and getting to know the friends they’ve made here. The plan is to spend most of the weekend in Denver resting and getting acclimated to the elevation and then I’ll take a bus to the south side of the city to meet up with my parents and a couple siblings and then leave early afternoon to drive the rest of the way to Alma, Colorado.

We’ve rented a large cabin with two other families in Alma and then most everyone except me, my little sister, and mom have signed up for ski or snowboard school. I may end up skiing – I haven’t quite decided yet – but for now I’m content to hang out and go along for the ride. I haven’t skied since I was a very small kid and although I was decent then I’m not a very active adult so… I’m imagining I don’t have the muscles needed to actually ski anymore. Plus, I live in Texas now so I don’t have the gear I once had back in the day. Did I mention also that the high temperatures in Alma this week are in the 20s? We’ll see!

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