Unsteady Uproot – “No bad weather – just bad clothes” (Thursday, January 9th)

Dude. I pretty much forgot I still had a blog… So many new and exciting things happening in life right now! I found this draft from back in January, though, so I thought I would push it on through (unedited and all). Honestly haven’t even read through it since I wrote it, so… good luck!

When I lived in the country of Sweden as a child my Swedish teacher used to say to us in particularly wet, cold, or snowy days that there was no bad weather – only bad clothes.

The saying couldn’t be more true! Here we were today at 18 degrees F out in the mountains in Breckenridge, CO sledding and playing the snow and enjoying window shopping in the cute little town. And we were perfectly warm and comfortable. Under Armour base layers, sweaters, fleece-lined ski pants, and wool socks with tall waterproof winter boots. Ain’t no temps in the teens gonna stop us from enjoying a beautiful day. The sun was shining and a fresh layer of powder had been laid overnight so the entire town of Breckenridge was bright and fluffy and adorable.

We sledded down a giant hill for a couple hours until a gaggle of kids discovered that it existed and then we made our way into town to shop and find something to eat. As silly and childish as it sounds (it’s the 100% truth though), I find great joy in “seeming cool”. No one in town knew that I hadn’t skied at all this week – all they could see was a chick dressed in ski gear and walking around a ski resort/village. I blended in and it felt nice, hahaha.

We settled on FlipSide for lunch and if you are ever in Breckenridge, CO then I highly highly highly recommend you give their braised bison chili and taste. Instead of the traditional ground beef in chili this place uses braised bison so you got tender morsels of bison in every bite. And they topped it with an aged white cheddar, sour cream drizzle, and chives. Perfection. My only complaint is that it wasn’t served in a bigger bowl because I could have easily eaten my weight in it.

I left the house with a 20 zipped into my ski pants and came home with a gorgeous heliotrope pendent, two post cards, and a new Breckenridge sticker which is intended to be a present unless it gets rejected and then it’s destined to become a laptop decoration.

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