Unsteady Uproot – “That Backpack Life” (Sunday, February 9th)

You hear that?

That is the winds of change. The winds of change are wild but they’re good! Haha.

I almost forgot that I even had a blog. Since I got back from Colorado life has been full of all sorts of new things. As soon as I landed I pretty much had to hit the ground running to get last minute things together for school – books and stuff for lab and things like that.

I am taking two classes this semester (plus working full time, but I’ll talk more about that later): Anatomy & Physiology 1 and Psychology 1. A&P I’m taking as a hybrid which means I take the lecture part online (aka I teach it ALL to myself) and then I go to a fancy schmancy lab for three hours on the weekend for the lab portion of the class. The psych class I am taking entirely online. So I signed on the very first day of class (and thank the heavens I did) to discover that in A&P I had TWO chapters of material, 2 chapter quizzes, 2 lab quizzes, 1 syllabus quiz, and 4 sections of homework due in 4 days. And that didn’t even count the psych homework (writing and quizzes) that I had due as well.

So that’s pretty much been my life each week. Slaving over work, slaving over school, and I do my physical therapy observation hours on Thursdays, which means I leave work at lunch to do that and then go back to work and just stay late to catch up on what I didn’t get done earlier in the day.

Homesickness really hit me hard today. I’m having a hard time caring about anything. I’m so anxious I can’t stop shaking. And it’s not like the kind of homesickness where you miss a house and the stuff inside. I just feel like I’m drowning in newness and can’t seem to come up for air. I need something grounding.

During lab on Saturday I was so consumed with anxiety over being tested over 6 chapters text and 9 labs that I shook through the entire lab and made all sorts of mistake and kept struggling to focus my microscope. Work is heavy. I’ve been assigned a terribly difficult project for a client and overall the client has been unhelpful because they have been late on getting me information I need, and approving my work, and they keep adding stuff on my plate. And I’m new and stressed and the project is complicated and I keep messing up and my colleagues keep telling me I’m slow and I’m training new people and I’m like H E L P M E I M D Y I N G.

Love my project manager and all that jazz, but DUDE I’m drowning in learning curve and managing hundreds of people who sometimes love me and sometimes send me emails stating that they’re so made they could “spit nails”.

And I feel a little bit like I’m dying.

In a good way.

But also in a bad way.

Because my body is aching.

On top of the pressure of this life I have created…. I am losing patience with my 4 underage male neighbors. Imagine a Texas male name like Cole or Garrett and then slap that name on a Carhartt jacket wearing, slang talkin, beer drinkin, boot stompin, 19 year old and you’ve got my neighbors.

They party at least twice a week. And not just on the weekends. We’ve kept it civil so far. They party at 2am. We text. And they turn down the volume. And then my roommate and I fall back to sleep.

But last night… Oh my, last night. They shook the house with their music. And my roommate texted and didn’t get a response. So she goes outside and YELLS at them. They still don’t respond. So she goes inside and grabs a large soup pot and a spoon.

I kid you not. My roommate charges out of her room at 2am this morning, thrusts her index finger into the air, and shouts “I’m going to take care of this!” before she grabs a soup pot and spoon and dashes out the back door.

I hear her bang on the pot and then shout “IT’S 1:40 AM!!!!! TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!!!!” I have never seen her so pissed, haha. It was hilarious watching her and her soup pot.

While she was banging, I was texting the group chat I have with the boys and all I said was “Music down, please.”

What I got back was, “Yes mam.”

And then about 5mins later – “We are gonna play Waylon Jennings from here on out so just deal with it.


Just a little bit ago I got this from the same guy:

“I’d like to apologize for that. I was out of it last night. I don’t even remember that. Definitely will not happen again.”

Guess who is about to experience the consequences of their actions? The four dudes in 3007, that’s who! They better hope they have zero alcohol and zero MJ at the next party they throw cuz they’re gonna be joined by the boys in BLUE.

BTW, I didn’t respond to any of the texts. I wanted to. But all things considered…I decided it best not to engage at all.

Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday….

3 thoughts on “Unsteady Uproot – “That Backpack Life” (Sunday, February 9th)

  1. Get the pot and spoon out at 6 am after one of their parties, find 76 trombones on your phone a play it as loudly as you can right outside their window or door. Them good ole boys will get the message or YOU WILL START A WAR. LOL.


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