Unsteady Uproot – “Two sides to every story” (Tuesday, February 11th)

One day – Two points of view

  • It poured rain and was freezing cold all day
  • Physical therapy is $100 a pop even with insurance
  • Work is stressful because my project this month is massive and I feel like I suck
  • I really thought about studying all during lunch because I feel anxious about my exams and want to cry
  • I had to admit to my project managers that I can’t physically get my workload done on my own
  • I came into the office to 114 emails


  • It rained all day so I got to snuggle with a heating pad and fluffy sweater at work
  • I got to see an incredible Physical Therapist this morning and I already love him
  • My work team kept me laughing through the stress of my project
  • My friend Jade rescued me when I needed to cry and we ate Pho at our fave Vietnamese restaurant
  • Two of my colleagues helped me with my workload because their projects are wrapping up and mine is still in the throws of projectness
  • I left the office with 86 emails

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