Unsteady Uproot – “Lab Rats” (Saturday, February 15th)

One of my favorite things about lab is that being white in this class is to be in the minority. This may seem like an odd aspect to favor, but I came from a predominately white area of the US. And here there is more often than not every other color than white. It’s nice.

I love my lab group, for sure. It’s me and two other girls named Taneshia and Andi and we have way too much fun in lab. We are just sleep deprived enough to make everything hilarious – even holocrine glands that secrete goopy sebum into hair follicles which gives us pimples and greasy hair. We’re the only team in class that gets silly and laughs the whole time. And yet…we’re still super efficient. We like to save time and energy in lab so we’ve gotten into a good flow of setting up slides on multiple microscopes so that we can rotate and not have to resetup for each slide ourselves. So far we are the speediest group – and definitely the most fun. I’m actually kinda proud of myself for how quickly I can setup for each sample and get the focus just so at each magnification level. I’m learning and it’s great.

Fun facts: Your armpit area is technically your “axillary region”. In your axillary region you have apocrine sweat glands. You’ll find apocrine sweat glands wherever you have coarse tufts of hair. Apocrine sweat is high in fatty acids which makes in stick to hairs so that your own personal pheromone scent can’t accidentally get washed away. Which is why hair removal often helps decrease the stink. And why some clothes seem to hold onto stink no matter how well you wash them. BTW Koreans don’t have apocrine glands in their axillary region and Japanese have very few. Welcome to the wonderful world of apocrine glands.

Enjoy these cell phone pictures I took of some tissue slides we’ve been studying in lab. I cupped my hand around the eyepiece and then placed my camera lens over my hand to block out the extra light and — presto! Fun little pics from my hours in the lab!

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