Unsteady Uproot – “Exam Week” (Wednesday, February 19th)

I’ve got my two hardest exams this weekend.

One over 6 chapters of Anatomy & Physiology and the other over 9 labs. For some strange reason they decided to make these into two tests and torture us twice instead of getting it all over with at once.

I won’t sugar coat it. I have been having some intense test anxiety and not sleeping and it’s getting to the point where my muscles actually vibrate they are so primed for action and I have to do jumping jacks or something just to calm down.

Two of my super awesome friends from work decided that we all needed a little pause from how insanely stressful work and life has been for all of us so they decided to plan a simple little crafting day where we would all get together and embroider and listen to music and eat snacks and just chill. I really do have some of the best friends at work.


A. I do not know how to embroider

B. I am too anxious to sit still and do something that will not get me paid or give me an A in a class.

A week or so ago when Jade and I were on lunch break and stuffing our face with Vietnamese food she asked me if I had an hobbies. I listed off some things, but she wasn’t content with my answer because they were all things that still needed a hefty dose of brain cells.

So here we were embroidering to give our brains a break and our hands something to do and I could feel myself instantly switch into “get it done mode”. Because of course MY brain wouldn’t take a break. I was like — I need YouTube for embroidery lessons, I need floss, I need needles, and boom boom boom. Here is my creation. Done. We are now moving on with our day.

With every second and every stitch I could feel my neck tensing and my head throbbing as I realized that I was going to be “forced “to do this crafting thing for several hours.

Yet I persisted… and… I calmed down. After like two hours.

After like two hours of embroidering I realized that it would not be so terrible to spend a few hours doing some art with needles and colored floss with two awesome friends while eating pastries and drinking tea. And I ended up having a really great afternoon and I made this perfectly embroidered work of art:

It’s going to say “Nope” by the way… Not Nopl

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