Unsteady Uproot – “Riding Lessons” (Monday, February 24th)

Did I tell you that I am back to working as a Physical Therapy aid/student observer during therapeutic riding sessions?

It’s true. Some miracle happened and my work has begun to allow me to take a long lunch break one day a week (I come in earlier that day) in order to work towards my observation hours for Physical Therapy Assisting school. If you remember from the post “Emergency Dismount!” I actually started working with this program back in September, but I had to quit when I got the job and was a contract employee. At the time I wasn’t sure that I would be offered a salaried position and I didn’t think it would set me up for the best impression overall if I were to immediately come in asking for special treatment.

But! Over the last 4 months I have gained their trust and respect with my work and now they are allowing me to volunteer every week and in the middle of my work day. Insane. I know. I am incredibly blessed by this job that I somehow landed upon… I just can’t even.

I picked this program because it was the only one that had enough funding to have actual physical therapists on staff. I like the doctor that I work with, but I must say… sometimes she does this very nice scolding thing when I do some sequence or protocol wrong and it makes me feel strange. I don’t know why because I’m still learning so I’m definitely not going to know how to do everything all the time. Part of it is because I’m not yet able to see a situation from a therapist’s view. So when I kneel down to talk with our patient I don’t think about the fact that this causes a person with little head control to have an excuse to drop their head instead of looking at and talking to my face. Or sometimes I’ll say something in a session forgetting that our patient gets distracted easily and this causes them to turn and look at me instead of the therapist. Stuff like that.

I love love love the patient that I work with every week, though. She’s super sweet. And bilingual. And loves to talk and sing. And is such a trooper during therapy. Such a good sport even when we make her do difficult stuff. The doctor I work with has even been letting me do actual therapy with her. And she has sessions during the therapy and afterwards where she asks me questions to allow me to problem solve from what I have observed in the session. She’s keeping me on my toes with the Anatomy & Physiology stuff. This is the time when I really get to practice using correct terminology and get to fully apply what I have learned about functions in the body. It’s a little scary to me to be tested in this way since I’ve never been in this type of learning environment, but I know it’s all a part of learning.

All a part of the process.

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