Unsteady Uproot – "Coronatine Inspired Baking, Pt. 1" (Saturday, March 21st)

I kid you not, I wrote out an hour by hour schedule for myself today so that I wouldn’t:

A. Nap the day away

B. TV watch the day away

And in a world where everyone is walking around in masks and surgical gloves – this is all too tempting!

If you, like me, have struggled to get ones hands on the usual staples in the grocery store, one must do what one can to keep the mind and the mouth busy.

Behold! The flakey, jammy thing I just made! People are all over the flour and sugar aisle, but for some reason they overlooked the phyllo dough entirely. Their oversight is my gain…

Let’s ignore the fact that I can never get this pan clean…
That drip tho…

Do it:

Thaw some phyllo. Take one sheet of phyllo and fold it in half on a pan. Brush that layer with butter. Fold another phyllo sheet in half and brush that sheet with butter. Plop a little jam in the middle of the butter-brushed phyllo rectangle and spread it out a bit. Fold the phyllo over into whatever shape you fancy. Brush the top with butter. Bake at 400F until golden and drizzle with an icing made with a little powdered sugar + water (not tap cuz apparently our water is no longer safe – I jest.)

Enjoy. I must do a last ditch study effort for an exam I take tomorrow and then do some Yoga with Adriene to see if I can ease this dreadful scapular pain I’m having today…

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