Unsteady Uproot – "Ya'll, we can do this!" (Saturday, March 21st)

Just wanted to pop on here to offer a little encouragement across the world. According to my stats I have readers from every inch of the globe (surprises me, too!) and I know we are all hurting in much the same ways. I’m here to remind you all that we. can. do. this.

Over the last few weeks I have watched as my school has closed, our grocery stores are bare (still can’t find TP in this town and bidets are all on backorder – go figure), my friends have been laid off (I may or may not have cried about that one a time or two), restaurants I patronize have closed for good, and the people I hire for work across the US are being treated and quarantined for the virus across the US.

It’s maddening how helpless I feel about the situation. I’m still going to work, yes. Currently not going anywhere else, though. I’m definitely in a moral struggle with still attending work. I have been given a choice by the CEO of our small company to work from the office or from home. But he also said he did not believe it was medically necessary for us to vacate the building. And that – he was 68 and not concerned. And that – he wanted to limit the number of people who worked from home to only those who found it absolutely necessary. The subtext in all this is doing a number on my anxious brain which on a normal day struggles to make decisions.


I have just read an email from my Anatomy & Physiology professor explaining HOW in the world we are gonna pull off the rest of the semester. She left us this little bit of encouragement at the end:

I will say that we are all definitely doing our best to remain flexible and rise to meet the challenge. I am grateful that we are not shifting to a pass/fail system, that courses will be completed, and everyone who chooses to still has the opportunity to succeed, even in the face of complete upheaval. We are super strong, resilient, and able to adapt.”

We are super strong, resilient, and able to adapt.

The ability to adapt is going to be key over the next few months (year?). Nothing in my life is the way it was. I mean, last night the pizza delivery dude yelled at my roommate for opening the door. When she closed it, the guy put the pizza on the door mat and ran away.

Things are changing with the circumstances – and that’s ok.

I’m getting a great deal of comfort and peace from the 10% Happier Podcast by Dan Harris and the Calm App. Having a mindfulness practice is especially useful at a time like this. It reminds us to take things one day at a time and live more in the present. And to be kind to others and not spread fear even though we’re all scared and uncertain. Dan has started doing the podcast twice a week from his home in NYC and he’s bringing in some excellent guests. He’s also starting up some live sessions next week which should be encouraging as well.

I suggest…

  • exercising with YouTube videos
  • lighting your favorite scented candles
  • reading that book you keep forgetting about
  • working on a novel or short story
  • having coffee with a friend over FaceTime
  • listening to audiobooks
  • doing Yoga with Adriene online
  • making cinnamon rolls from scratch (because HEB is out of them still)
  • building a puzzle
  • studying for hours for exams knowing you have nothing else on your calendar (that one may only apply to me)
  • writing a letter
  • not hoarding the TP

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