Coronatine Adventures – "Get Moving" (Sunday, March 22nd)

For some reason I’ve been struggling with intense waves of exhaustion whenever I stay home for long periods of time. I have discussed this with my doctor and although she still decided to pull 11 vials of blood off me on Monday, we have concluded that this is more of an emotional/mental concern than a physical one seeing that I do just fine when I spend hours at school, work, or other outings.

I got hit with another one of those waves while I was trying to study for an A+P exam this afternoon. It was all could do to will myself to stay awake until finally I gave up and decided to let myself nap. I put on a nice little story for background sound, set a timer….and proceeded to become cemented to my bed. I fell to the sleep place of unknown depths. That special place where you sleep through alarms, forget what day it is, and pass unknown amounts of time. I woke up and my side hurt from staying in the same position for such a long time.


The struggle has been real when it comes to getting all my schoolwork+studying done. I’m so tired… All I wanna do is watch TV and lay in bed.


Except for that sudden and mysterious nap I took today…

I am determined to keep up with the muscle mass I’ve gained over the last few months of working out with a PT several times a week. I refuse to lose all of my progress.

So here’s my little encouragement nudge for your week. If you’re feeling stuck or antsy or bored or tired maybe – just maybe – it’s because you need to move your body. Get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

Between the urging of my primary care doctor + my PT + all of the incredibly useful things I am learning in my medical classes —- I can tell you that exercise is real real important. And at this point there is no telling how long we are all gonna be stuck in our houses. No time like the present to bust out that home workout stuff or find a new walking path!

When I workout at the Physical Therapy gym I get to look myself in the eye in a floor to ceiling mirror while doing some of the sequences. A couple weeks ago during a particularly difficult session, my mental strength was starting to slip as my heart was pounding and sweat was dripping and I was getting just a tad bit dizzy from not breathing properly. In the mirror I could see my male PT (I have a female one I see as well) coming up behind me as I started to “cheat” more and more with each rep. I thought he would call me out instantly, but instead he dead eyed me in the mirror.

All he said was, “God will never give up on you, so we will never give up on you.”


That could be applied to so many things, but my encouragement to you is about movement over these next few weeks and months as we all stay at home more and more. It’ll help your body. It’ll help your mind. Don’t give up on yourself and succumb to the boredom, excessive napping, and whatnot. God’s not giving up on you.

P.S. As sometimes happens to me I made a seriously yucky smoothie tonight. You know the kind that’s a little bit too brown, the texture of glue, and tastes like sweetened cardboard pulp. (Sigh) Drinking it anyway…

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