Coronatine Adventures – "Day 1" (Monday, March 24th)

***Scratches one, deep tally mark into the plaster wall of my house***

Day 1:

Dear Journal,

I report that I have neither starved to death, nor killed my roommate as of yet, so I’d say times are good. Morale is high.

Kidding. I jest, but it is true that this will be an interesting, exploratory time in my (our) life.

When I first started following the guidance of Dave Ramsey and began to stockpile cash for an emergency fund, I never imagined that the reason for dipping into said fund would be a killer pandemic sweeping through like a whirling dervish wreaking havoc on the lives of everyone.

In a short period of time I am no longer able….

  • …to attend my class/lab on campus
  • …to take my tests in class or use the testing center
  • …to study at coffee shops
  • …to attended church services and studies in person
  • …to borrow books from the library
  • …to get my hair cut
  • …to attend my observation hours for PT
  • …to volunteer in the community
  • …to go to PT or other non-essential Doctor visits
  • …to go to workout classes
  • …to go out to lunch and/or dinner with friends
  • …to get whatever I want whenever I want it from the grocery store
  • …to leave the house whenever I want to be around people and do stuff
  • …to go to work or work in general

Those last two are particularly unfortunate… And I imagine that regardless of where you live, your story of loss might be quite the same.

Yesterday afternoon a “shelter in place” order was announced, which will take effect tonight at 8pm. And as of yesterday afternoon, I – and about 9 other people at the office – got furloughed as an attempt to hold the business together during this difficult time. They didn’t want to lay us off because we are considered skilled labor at this point (they laid off about 50% of the team a week or so ago) and they want the ability to welcome us back if our clients come back to us. Whenever that may be… So for us that means no pay after Friday and one month left of health insurance unless this turns around before then. They told us to file for unemployment in the meantime. They reassured us that they would bring us back on staff the moment they have money coming in and can pay our salaries again.

Big OOF.

They kept on the 3 executives, the office manager, the retail services director, and the 3 project managers – but other then that they laid off or furloughed all the rest.

I had a ZOOM meeting with my Anat&Phys professor and class last night after dinner, which was supposed to be an opportunity for our professor to help us review for our exams we have to take this weekend, but ended up being an awkward session of the prof staring at us asking if we had any questions.

We didn’t have any questions. Clearly.


But I resisted. And then she proceeded to review sooooooo quickly that my notes are trash and I can barely tell what exactly I am supposed to be reviewing. My brain was also quite squishy from the stressful work experience of having to suddenly pack up my desk so I started writing sentences and then never finished them. So today I’m staring at my notes wondering why I wrote “Ro” as a learning point and why I spelled skull as S-C-L-L.

Like I said, my notes from last night are trash, but now that I don’t have a job I have LOTS of time to study…

(((rolls eyes violently)))

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