Coronatine Adventures – “Just be kind” (Wednesday, March 25th)

Good morning all!

There has been so much on my mind these last 24 hours. My heart is really and truly aching for all you around the world as I hear your unique stories of loss and uncertainty because of this virus. I’m in east Texas where the struggle is not as intense as other parts of the world – yes. I fully acknowledge that. But if you, like me, have been removed from your job against your will due to COVID-19 and are living under a “Shelter in Place” order then I hope this blog can be of some sort of encouragement and help for as long as we all need it. I’ll try not to bog it down with only virus related content and will try to keep things light while still being honest about the situation. I think positivity will go a long way in all of this.

I hope positivity will go a long way in all of this.

If you have been following me since the end of last year then you know that I work full time in a business position and go to school part time to take prerequisite classes so that I may take my entrance exams and apply for Physical Therapy Assisting school. The easiest way to describe what my job is (was?) is that my company is hired by clients of every kind (food brands, beauty brands, health material brands, alcohol brands, those TVs you see in doctors’ offices, etc.) to enter places where their products are and review them. The short answer is that we perform brand auditing, but our services are much much broader than that. My job is (was?) to hire reps from around the United States to complete these missions, which we write with the client and then load into an app. Our reps go out into the world with their smart phone and the app and they take pictures, gather data, reorder things etc. for our clients. I guide those missions from start to finish.

Do you see the COVID-19 problem here with this business?

Business closures. Road closures. Shelter in place orders. Reps coming down with viruses and going into quarantine. Not to mention that every time we did our job we were reaching out to people asking them to risk their health and that of others.

This was super tricky mentally and emotionally. I and one of my coworkers agreed that the guilt was starting to weigh on us. Not to mention that on top of all that we were also having reps call us begging for work because they had been laid off from other work due to the virus and needed a paycheck. It was like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

SO. That’s why most of us got furloughed. The top dogs at the office sat down with each client and came to a decision that would protect everyone involved BUT our company would obviously NOT be getting the 100s of 1000’s of dollar it was used to.

See the problem here?

So we got furloughed to help with some of the financial burden and my company shifted gears to working with clients who focus only on stocking essentials like food and water and medical supplies, which I thought was the kind and responsible thing for the company to do. And we are certainly not the only company like ours that is stepping in and helping out with stocking essentials. So if you see someone wearing dress clothes instead of a uniform, a random lanyard around their neck, and clutching a booklet of instructions stocking in your local grocery or pharmacy – these are people who have stepped in to help in this time of need. They are helping keep essential supplies on the shelves available for everyone.

I know it’s getting said a lot, but we really are all in this together. We’re all hurting in one way or another, so don’t forget to be kind today.

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