Coronatine Adventures – “Something I’m loving lately…” (Wednesday, March 25th)

… is Dan Harris’ 10% Happier Podcast!

Click for link to Dan’s webpage!

Listening to it just might make you 10% happier! Kidding, but… one never knows. The title of the podcast is actually the title of Harris’ book by the same title, which is his exploration of mindfulness/meditation and how it could possibly fit into his fast paced, NYC life as an ABC news anchor. He was afraid that meditation would take away his edge, but then he had a cocaine-induced panic attack on national news so… he realized that something had to change.

The result of that journey was a book in 2014, an incredible mindfulness app, and the subsequent podcast.

I am quite fascinated by how this virus has brought out the good (and the not so good) in people. It’s brought out the true heart of Dan Harris that’s for sure. He’s offering free memberships to his mindfulness app for all healthcare workers (follow this link: Coronavirus Sanity Guide). He’s also hosting what he calls “Live Sanity Breaks” for free each weekday at 3pm EST. He Skypes in various meditation teachers from across the world to offer words of encouragement and kindness and a 5 minute meditation together. AND he hosts TWO podcast sessions each week with encouraging topics such as “How to actually get work done at home” (something we all need right now) and “Parenting in a Pandemic” (something every parent needs right now).

I have been so encouraged by his kindness in all of his materials over the years and this COVID-19 thing has continued to bring out the best in his work despite his own fear and anxiety.

Give it read, a watch, or a listen and lemme know what you think! I love podcasts and they’re especially nice when I’m doing chores or exercising at home.

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