Coronatine Adventures – “The virtual doc visit. Say wut??” (Wednesday, March 25th)

Honestly, despite everything, it’s been a really great day so far. The sun is shining and it’s 90+ degrees outside. I’ve got my houseplants sunning on a ledge and a stack of chocolate chip cookies at my disposal. I’ve got smooth jazz in the background, my favorite candle beside me, and I can study for these exams for as loooooong as I want to. Not to mention that my shipment of epson salt came in the mail yesterday and I have to new book! WOOP!

Is it crazy that in some ways being here at home has been really nice?

Meet Jasper (left) and Pine (right). They’re enjoying the view. I told them they had to stay inside…

As I’ve mentioned before, I started seeing a Physical Therapist in town a few months ago. When COVID-19 started ramping up I decided that social distancing was a good idea even when it came to my regularly scheduled doctor visits. Since then I’ve been recreating the sessions as best as I can with the home gym equipment that I already have. BUT! I found out yesterday that that this office allows TeleHealth visits for only a small fee (which is nice now that there is no job).

I felt weirdly schmancy when I got to video chat with my PT earlier today. We discussed my home gym equipment and my daily workout schedule and did some troubleshooting. I don’t know if the rest of you are having this issue, but I don’t have a “home office” set up of ANY kind so a dining room table and a couch are all I have when it comes to computer work and studying. My back and hips have started spasming again, so I knew I couldn’t just wait out COVID-19 before going back to PT. Stress and worry always seem to manifest themselves in my joints and muscles. Add excessive sitting due to staying home and doing lots of homework and studying – and my body has been toast despite my best efforts.

We’ve heard it all before but… breaks are helpful when you sit for long periods. The doc suggested I be more consistently rotating between sitting, standing, stretching, exercising, and lying down. No one likes to be interrupted when one is in the middle of something, but when the body screams… I eventually have to answer…

My doctor is going to email me some new programs I can do at home – grouping them by muscle group and intensity. When I mentioned before that I didn’t want to lose all my progress, I meant it! Exercising is one of my least favorite things to do in the whole wide world so the last thing I want to do is start over. And to think that in this glorious age of tech I was able to meet with my doctor and stay on track for only a few dollars and a 45 min video chat. YAY!

I’m also loving Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube videos for free yoga at home:

Stay active and healthy!

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