Coronatine Adventures – “About last night…” (Thursday, March 26th)

The same day that my primary Doc pulled off 11 vials of blood she gave me a prescription for a low dose muscle relaxer. She told me to only take them at night when I was having a particularly bad muscle spasm and could not sleep. Due to my history of being a wack on medications of all kinds she suggested I split the low dose pill in half.

Last night when I went to pick up my grocery order (I’m not going to bog down the system with one more at-home grocery delivery order) I swung by the pharmacy to pick up the prescription.

I put off picking it up because I hate taking medications of any kind. I barely even take Advil and Tylenol… But when I talked with my PT she suggested that we could integrate the medication into the stuff I was already doing with them – aka when it would be a helpful time to use the medication without making the joint pain more of an issue.

So there I was in the COVID-19-fearing line at the pharmacy pick up window and the tech at the window says that my insurance is “not in network”. I already don’t want to pay for these pills anyway, but I suggest that they use a GoodRX code and I get half off the pills.

I’m like – great! Half off the pills I don’t really want. And there are 30 so if I only take half then they’ll last me for forever. It’s creeping closer to bed time so I split a pill careful not to shoot the other half across the counter into never-never land and waste it. I reach out to put the other half of the pill back into the bottle and before I can drop the pill inside… the open bottle somehow leaps from the counter does a somersault sprinkling tiny yellow pills hither and thither until the bottle finally comes to rest in the trashcan.

I can only manage to find about 5 pills when I begin searching through the trash for the ones I deem edible. Sure I’ll eat a pill off that banana peel. And that cheese wrapper. And that brown goopy stuff? Uh… maybe not that. I am now down to HALF of the pills that I got HALF off that I am supposed to HALVE.


I took a bath, relaxed, slipped into bed and was just about to get comfortable when my neighbors cranked up their speakers next door.

This pretty much sums up how we feel about our neighbors, haha.

Is it terribly petty of me to call the police on my neighbors for having some sort of loud gathering in their backyard? To be fair, our fences are taller than me so I couldn’t actually tell how many people where over there, but it was after 10pm and the music was loud enough to fill my house next door… These are the same neighbors with whom we have had repeated issues, so I can’t say that they haven’t been warned. A few weeks ago there was drunken backlash when we requested that their music be turned down at 1:30am… Now we are shutting down ALL the fun.

I have the sheriff’s number programmed into my phone as “Neighbors”. Don’t even play, Bros.

My roommate called the police… and then there I was feeling dopey on the couch (even on HALF of the low dose) trying to call in a few minutes later, but the police showed up in less than 30 seconds which jolted me into high alert. We proceeded to skitter around the house in the dark like giggling cockroaches in an attempt to see the hammer “go down”. Not sure what the officer said or did (remember our fence is super tall), but they shut it down and now the police have TWO reports of noise complaints coming from that house. Also…people can get fined and/put in prison for not follow the “Shelter in Place” order.

It’s 1:30pm so the question is… lunch or a homemade milkshake? We have 4 half gallons of ice cream in the freezer. Did you know that the 19 in COVID-19 stands for the number of pounds we are going to gain during the Coronatine?!

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