Coronatine Adventures – “Something I’m loving lately…Pt.2” (Thursday, March 26th)

…is puzzles and sweet British films!

I’m a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles in general, but with work, school, and all the other stuff on my schedule I never have the time to actually sit down and build a puzzle unless I’m on vacation. Well, folks, being suddenly unemployed and confined to my home has become a special vacation! So I found the British film “The Beautiful Fantastic” for free on YouTube and I sat on the floor building a puzzle until my butt got sore and my legs cramped up and I got super full from eating too many Cheez-Its and dip (HEB is STILL out of hummus and I’m beginning to wonder if there is a chickpea shortage in the world).

Definitely an afternoon well spent. I chatted with a girl from work over text about filing for unemployment while I worked. Today (ask me in two weeks) I am feeling quite…calm about being furloughed by the company. Yes, I will lose insurance. Yes, I will no longer be getting my bi-monthly salary checks. But honestly, I filed my taxes from last year and lemme tell ya… I have a serious KNACK for living on nothing so this isn’t anything I haven’t already experienced. Still not great to be in the thick of it, but this experience has been a great reminder of impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good stuff. Not the bad stuff.

BTW the movie “The Beautiful Fantastic” is PG I think?

Anyway, it’s pushing 10pm here and I just got off a ZOOM meeting with my Anat&Phys class+prof so I’m gonna go wind down and try to squeeze as much about muscles and motor neurons and synaptic clefts outta my brain so that I don’t spend the entire night “reviewing my notes”. Two exams in two days. WOOT! Praying that the system doesn’t crash during either of them since it’s been real sketch now that every single student is trying to do all of their school on there….

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

With love and gratitude,

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