Coronatine Adventures – “Separate but Connected” (Sunday, March 29th)

I strongly dislike this “social distancing” phrase that is thrown about everywhere as if we are all social pariahs due to this virus. We are indeed physically distanced, but we are not socially distanced. There is certainly a distinction between the two. We might be keeping our airspace clear during this time, but we are connected nonetheless by countless types of technology. Isolated is the last emotion we need to feel during a time of crisis.

This Sunday morning was particularly encouraging as I live streamed with TWO different churches back to back and on opposite sides of the US. With the heaviness of this past week – virus cases increasing in the area, being furloughed from work without pay, and living under a strengthened “shelter in place” order – I knew that today was going to be a day of rest. I could feel that I was starting to operate at like 20% of my normal capacity. And since that can only cause harm farther down the road, I put my head down and focused on getting all my schoolwork and exams completed yesterday so that I could have a total breather before beginning a new week with new challenges.

So when my best friend texted and asked if I wanted to join her and her husband for church this morning I was like, “YES, PLEASE”. We called each other on FaceTime and tuned into the church’s livestream at the same time so we could sing and pray and SEE each other – together. The crazy part is that this church is in NYC, which I’m sure the whole world knows is now the epicenter of coronavirus. But my best friend and her husband got a rental car and drove to her parents’ house and they are now in isolation FAR from NYC where they can freely go on walks and enjoy nature without endangering their health or that of others. I had the church livestream on one side of my screen and my friends on the other and it was almost like being there 😉

Right after worshiping with my friends via a livestream in NYC I tuned into the livestream of a congregation in the Dallas-ish, Texas area so that my roommate and I could worship with that church family as well and take communion together. It was such a morning of YES.

My two big takeaways from the morning are these:

  1. Continue to cultivate healthy ways to process ALL of the emotions that I am feeling. Even the strong ones that tempt me to push them aside.
  2. Reframe this time of loss. The loss of freedom, of my employment, my ability to attend school, my ability to volunteer, my ability to train with my PT in a gym – have all created a sense of loss. But losing them has opened up different areas of potential if I choose to reframe my attitude and take hold of the opportunities.

I hope you all have had wonderful Sunday so far!

Until next time…

With love and gratitude,

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