Coronatine Adventures – “My days at a glance” (Monday, March 30th)

I kid you not, taking classes during COVID is saving my butt right now. Despite being out of work and having virus-related nerves, I have something with which I can completely engage and my days are moving much faster than I would have expected from being confined to my home. It’s 8:54pm and I cannot figure out where this entire day went.

My daily flow has been a long string of exercise, food, studying, writing, reading, stretching, lying in a hammock, doing homework, meditating, talking to friends, and… REPEAT… until about 10pm when I put on a sleep story from the CALM app and conk out for about 9 hours.

And if I’m truly honest about how I feel about the coronatine… I actually kinda like it. Obviously NOT the virus part, but the part where no one can make me leave this house. I’m serious. I am in introvert dream world over here. I have books, and school, and podcasts, and all my workout equipment, and HOT COCOA whenever I want it. If I get tired, I can lay down on my very own bed. I can take little homework breaks and build a puzzle or do yoga. I get to study Anatomy & Physiology and Psychology FOR HOURS and no one can stop me! MUAHAHAHA!

I miss my friends at work terribly (we are definitely like a little family over there and we still talk every day), but I could totally get into this work from home thing. Yeah, I still like to get out and DO stuff, but I love being home in my own little space. I’ve got my little plants around me, and my favorite scented candles, and a never ending stream of water, teas, cocoa, smoothies, juices, and smooth jazz. It really is my own little haven.

Who knew how nice it would be to actually have plenty of time to complete my homework. On an average week my two classes ask this of me:


  • 1-2 textbook chapters; 1-2 quizzes; 1-2 short essays/discussion responses

Anatomy & Physiology (Lecture + Lab):

  • 1-2 textbook chapters; 4-6 sections of homework (from 40-80 questions each with labeling); 2 lecture quizzes (50 questions each); two lab quizzes (5-10 questions each); 2 lab reports

***takes a deep breath***

I got tired just typing all of that out! My normal flow when I still worked full time was to take quizzes first things in the morning before work, study/walk/go do my PT observation hours (depending on the day) during my hour lunch break, and then set aside 2-3 hours in the evening for more school when I got home at like 5:45pm. Weekends were packed with studying and exams because back before COVID I was still going to school and taking exams on weekends.

People keep asking me if I am looking for a new job during this interim. As of today, no I’m not. Maybe I will in a few days? Maybe. But right now I am taking things one day at a time. I have an emergency fund and my last paycheck so I’m not in trouble or anything, and for now I’m focusing on staying mentally and physically well and keeping my grades up.

I thought about taking an incomplete for my classes for a hot minute because the school is allowing students to claim a “COVID hardship exemption” and can take an incomplete on a class up until April 10th, but… I am highly resistant to quitting once I have started.

I have gotten myself into a little bit of a situation tho, because I was supposed to register for the Fall semester today, but the school put a registration hold on my account because they claim that it is required that they have an official transcript from my junior college before I can continue (which is nonsense because they already have my university transcript which has ALL of the junior college classes on it). Well, guess what? My junior college is closed and I couldn’t order my transcript online because THAT school had put a different hold on my account because I never changed my address with them. What the what?? SO they want me to fill out a form and FAX it. Yeah, I’m gonna get right on that with that printer I don’t have and that fax machine I don’t have. So I sent off some emails to my contact at my current school since they are all now working from home and I’m hoping for the best.

Crud muffins.

Thank the heavens for some emotional intelligence, though, because I am leaning heavily into all these feels ***gives computer dagger eyes*** and recognizing that for at least this moment in time my hands are tied until I get more info.

Also, still gotta figure out how to apply for unemployment. New things make me feel anxious.

Had a fabulous friend-date this afternoon, though! Thanks to the suggestion of one of my friends we got our bridesmaid group back together for a little Zoom call reunion after my best friend’s wedding. The chat was lovely and much needed. We are all in different parts of the US (Connecticut, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, and Boston), so it was great to catch up knowing that even though we can’t be in each other’s physical space for a long while we can still stay close in the heart space. We’re planning a virtual game night here soon, too, which I highly recommend if you haven’t had one thus far during the coronatine.

Sweet dreams. Don’t forget to pray.

With grace + gratitude,

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