Coronatine Adventures – “Something I’m loving lately…Pt.3” (Monday, March 30th)

…is snack boards!

Sliced cheese, dried cranberries, dark chocolate, cheese crackers, veggies + dip

Snacking is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. I rummage around in the pantry and fridge looking for foods of various texture, color, and flavor then I arrange them on my bamboo cutting boards and – Voila! I have something cute, colorful, and yummy to snack on while I do homework, study, read, puzzle, or just generally putz around the house. I highly recommend snack boards as well if you have humans in your household whom are constantly hungry. It takes about 5 minutes to put something like this together, but if you are looking for more snack board ideas I highly recommend the food stylist Ain’t too Proud to Meg!

In other news, I have been unable to apply for unemployment because their site has gone bonkers due to too many people trying to file all at once, my junior college transcript is in the process of being sent to my new school, roommie and I started a new puzzle, and I just got Glennon Doyle’s new book Untamed. RAWR.

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